Supermarine Seafire Mk.15 SW826 of No.766 Squadron, RN, crashed on The Drum to the south of Elgin, Moray, on the 5th July 1948

Supermarine Seafire Mk.15


Raymond Peter Walker Petty Officer Pilot Injured


The pilot had been due to carry out a high altitude training flight from RNAS Lossiemouth, but his oxygen equipment was not functions as it should so he joined a flight a 3 Seafires from 767 Squadron who were carrying out a low level formation flying exercise. One of those aircraft was Seafire Mk.15 SW904, piloted by 21 year old Pilot 4 Francis Joseph Curtis.

While over the area to the west of Glenlatterach SW826 was hit from above by SW904, the collision destroyed the propeller, tail and cockpit canopy of PO Walker’s aircraft. As he had lost all control of his aircraft PO Walker abandoned his aircraft, he landed on the moor very close to the burning wreck of his aircraft suffering a broken ankle.

Meanwhile P.4 Curtis’s aircraft continued on a short way to the north east before it dived into the ground killing him.

Thanks to Peter Walker for the details about the accident.

Wreckage at the crash site of Supermarine Seafire SW826 on The Drum near Elgin
A view of the remaining wreckage from the aircraft.