Vought Chesapeake Mk.I AL941 of No.772 Squadron, Royal Navy, crashed on the 22nd July 1943 near the head of Gleann Diomhan near Lochranza on the Isle of Arran


Alexander James Andrew Buchanan Sub-Lieutenant (A) Pilot Killed
Henry William Smith Sub-Lieutenant (A) Observer Killed


The aircraft had take off from the then Naval Air Station at Machrihanish, HMS Landrail, for a training exercise. During the exercise and in poor visibility the aircraft struck the hillside near the head of Gleann Diomhan. Over the years the wreck has been broken up and scattered over a wide area.

Large section of the port wing of Vought Chesapeake AL941 in Gleann Diomhan, Lochranza, Isle of Arran
The largest single item left of the aircraft, seen in spring 2004, is this rather battered section of wing, show being held up in High Ground Wrecks And Relics with a much more visible roundel.
Remains of the Pratt and Whitney engine from Vought Chesapeake AL941
The remains of the aircraft’s engine lie scattered at the site, here half of the block with the remains of some of the cylinders still attached.
Propeller reduction gearbox at the crash site of Vought Chesapeake AL941 in Glean Diomhan, Isle of Arran
Nearby is the engine reduction gearbox, shown above.
Main undercarriage oleos at the crash site of Vought Chesapeake AL941 in Glean Diomhan, Lochranza
Lying together are the main undercarriage oleos, numerous other parts can be found scattered around at the site.
Grave of Sub Lieutenant Henry William Smith at Camberwell New Cemetery, London
Sub Lt Henry W. Smith was buried at Camberwell New Cemetery in south London, above is a photograph of his grave, Sub Lt Buchanan is commemorated at Glasgow Crematorium.