Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV L9039 of No.13 OTU RAF, flew into the cliffs of Craig yr Ysfa in the Carneddau 6 miles SSE of Bethesda 8th April 1940

Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV



Alfred Ernest Hall Sergeant Pilot Killed
Fred Graham Sergeant Observer Killed
Anthony Charles Catton Sergeant Observer Killed
Geoffrey Halstead James Leading Aircraftman Wireless Operator /  Air gunner Killed

The aircraft was on a formation cross country flight with two other Blenheim aircraft when it flew into the top of Craig yr Ysfa, after contact was lost with the crew they were reported missing and a search began. It was the following day before the wrecked aircraft was found. RAF Penrhos recorded the aircraft as having crashed at an altitude of 3000 feet, this is very close to reality as the impact point lies at approximately 2900 feet.

The engines and a number of panels ended up at the foot of the crags, both engines show damage caused by them having rolled down from the impact point.

Crash site of Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV L9039 on Craig yr Ysfa in the Carneddau area of Snowdonia
The image above is made of three photos to show the complete extent of the crash site. The aircraft impacted close to the highest point of the ridge in the centre of the right hand image and wreckage is scattered down to the centre of the left hand image. This is a vertical distance of just over 1000 feet.
Impact point at the crash site of Bristol Blenheim L9039 on Craig yr Ysfa, Snowdonia
This image shows the area where the aircraft impacted, the foreground contains a large number of small fragments as more pieces are on the crags to the left hand side of the photo.
Propeller hub from Bristol Blenheim L9039 on Craig yr Ysfa
Towards the base of the gully the aircraft impacted in are both of the propeller hubs, photographs of them are shown above and below.

Propeller hub from Bristol Blenheim L9039 on Craig yr Ysfa

Wreckage at the crash site of Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV L9039 on Craig yr Ysfa
On the small plateau between the two sets of crags are pieces of the wing spars, undercarriage framework and the core of one of the two Mercury engines. The engine this belongs with is nearly 700 feet lower down the mountain.
Undercarriage framework from Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV L9039 on Craig yr Ysfa, Snowdonia
A closer view of the undercarriage framework from L9039.
Bristol Mercury engine from Blenheim Mk.IV L9039 at the Craig yr Ysfa cliffs
Above is one of the two engines which are at the very foot of the Craig yr Ysfa. Both engines are remarkably close together considering they both rolled down 1000 feet of crags, this more than likely indicates once they had landed they were moved together with other pieces into a small area where it was then abandoned.
Lower reaches of the crash site at the foot of Craig yr Ysfa
This photo is a general overview of where the wreckage lies, mostly around the rocks in the centre.
Sergeant Fred Graham's grave at Bury Cemetery
The crew were buried at a number of cemeteries, Sgt Fred Graham was buried at Bury Cemetery on the edge of Manchester.