Hawker Henley L3334 of No.1605 (Target Towing) Flight, flew into Craig Cwm Silyn on the 20th November 1942 while target towing from Towyn


Walter James Havies Pilot Officer Pilot Killed

The pilot was carrying out target towing duties from Towyn, near Barmouth, when he disappeared. The aircraft was reported overdue and a search initiated, it was a couple of days latter that the wreck was discovered on the cliffs of Craig Cwm Silyn to the South West of Caernarfon.  Most of the aircraft was recovered in very trying conditions, though it is reported that the aircraft’s Merlin Mk.II may still lie in the lake below the site as it was rolled down into the lake by the recovery crew.

Aircraft wreckage among rocks on Craig Cwm Silyn, Caernarfon, below the crash site of Hawker Henley L3334
What little remains at this site is scattered amongst the scree on Craig Cwm Silyn as shown by this photograph.
Crash site of Hawker Henley L3334
This photograph shows the highest extent of wreckage that we found, though here there were still only tiny fragments of structure, engine casing and parts of the radiator.
View of the crash site of Hawker Henley L3334 on Craig Cwm Silyn
This photograph is taken from below the crash site looking back up the scree slope, the aircraft impacted close to the top of the cliffs.

Pilot Officer Havies was buried at Caernarfon cemetery which is within sight of where his aircraft crashed, below is a photograph of his grave.

Grave of Pilot Officer Walter James Havies at Caernarfon Llanbeblig Cemetery