He111H-5 Werk No. F/4801 1T+EL of 3/KG28, Luftwaffe, flew into the northern end of Llwydmor on the 14th April 1941


Lothar Horras Leutnant Pilot Injured
Bruno Peronowski Feltwebel Observer Injured
Kurt Schlender Gefreiter Radio Operator / Gunner Injured
Josef Bruninghausen Gefreiter Engineer Killed


There are two accounts of this crash, the first is that the aircraft had attacked the ship yards at Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, before turning southwards to return to France.

The second, from the RAF Air Intelligence report, had the aircraft on a shipping reconnaissance flight over Liverpool Bay. It had left from Nantes, flown over the St Georges Channel and lower Irish Sea. The pilot had said that he became disorientated when approaching their patrol area and flew into cloud. Shortly after the aircraft struck the upper slopes of Llwydmor, killing in the engineer.

The crash site on Llywdmor of He111 1T+EL,
Not much remains at the crash site today, but there is a large bare patch on the hillside where the aircraft burned out.
Wreckage at the crash site of He111 1T+EL on Llwydmor
Above is the largest surviving part from the aircraft (it is about 5ft long).

Gefr Bruninghausen was, after the war, buried at Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery.

Grave of crew member Josef Bruninghausen at Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery
Gefr Bruninghausen’s grave at Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery.