Burnt scar at the crash site of B-24J 42-100322 on Burn Fell near Slaidburn, Lancashire

2nd January 1945
B-24J 42-100322
448th BG, USAAF
Burn Fell, Lancashire

The aircraft was being ferried from Seething in Norfolk to BAD2 at Warton near Preston, most of the passengers were a second aircrew who were going to fly another aircraft … Continue reading “1945-01-02|B-24J|42-100322|448th BG, USAAF|Burn Fell, Lancashire”

Scattered parts at the crash site on Goodman's Cairn, Stranraer

12th June 1945
B-24M 44-50695
448th BG, USAAF
Goodman’s Cairn, Dumfries & Galloway

The aircraft was one a large number of B-24s which were to be returned by air to the United States following the end of the war in Europe. On the … Continue reading “1945-06-12|B-24M|44-50695|448th BG, USAAF|Goodman’s Cairn, Dumfries & Galloway”