Wreckage at the crash site of Armstrong Whitworth Atlas J9043, Grinton Moor, Yorkshire

6th November 1928
Atlas Mk.I J9043
No.26 Sqn, RAF
Grinton Moor, North Yorkshire

The aircraft was on a flight from RAF Catterick, near Richmond, when in poor weather a little over 10 miles from the airfield it dived near vertically into the ground … Continue reading “1928-11-06|Atlas Mk.I|J9043|No.26 Sqn, RAF|Grinton Moor, North Yorkshire”

Crash site of Supermarine Spitfire K9888 on Great Dun Fell, Appleby, Cumbria

18th July 1939
Spitfire Mk.I K9888
No.41 Sqn, RAF
Great Dun Fell, Cumbria

Sergeant Mitchell was on a flight from Catterick in North Yorkshire to Dumfries, he had taken off at around 10:55 and had flown west via Bowes where he entered into a … Continue reading “1939-07-18|Spitfire Mk.I|K9888|No.41 Sqn, RAF|Great Dun Fell, Cumbria”

Napier Dagger engine from Hawker Hector K8096 on Red Pike, Cumbria

8th September 1941
Hector K8096
Red Pike, Cumbria

Hector K8096 was being transferred from No.1 School of Army Co-operation at Old Sarum near to Salisbury to No.18 Maintenance Unit at Dumfries where it was likely to go into … Continue reading “1941-09-08|Hector|K8096|No.1 SAC, RAF|Red Pike, Cumbria”

Crash site of Curtiss Tomahawk AH744 on Red Gill Moss, Barnard Castle, County Durham

10th February 1943
Tomahawk Mk.I AH744
No.1472 (DB) Flight, RAF
Red Gill Moss, County Durham

The pilot was carrying out local flying practice from RAF Catterick in North Yorkshire, having taken off at 12:55. The aircraft was seen by a Royal Observer Corps post at … Continue reading “1943-02-10|Tomahawk Mk.I|AH744|No.1472 (DB) Flight, RAF|Red Gill Moss, County Durham”