Crash site of Hawker Hart K3864 near Rushton Spencer

23rd May 1939
Hart Mk.I K3864
Nr Ruston Spencer

No.28 EFTS was one of several in the UK prior to the Second World War which was tasked with maintaining the proficiency of the RAF Volunteer Reserve, they were largely … Continue reading “1939-05-23|Hart Mk.I|K3864|No.28 EFTS, RAF|Nr Ruston Spencer”

Crash site of Avro Anson Mk.I N9858 at Wildboarclough, Cheshire

14th November 1940
Anson Mk.I N9858
No.10 FTS, RAF
Wildboarclough, Macclesfield

The pilot of the aircraft was on a solo cross country navigation exercise from RAF Ternhill near Market Drayton in Shropshire when he became lost in low cloud and flew … Continue reading “1940-11-14|Anson Mk.I|N9858|No.10 FTS, RAF|Wildboarclough, Macclesfield”

14th May 1942
Master Mk.III W8455
Lyme Green, Macclesfield

The aircraft was being used for delivering spares to an unrecorded destination, No.3 A.D. Flt being based at Hawarden, when the pilot became lost in bad weather and decided to … Continue reading “1942-05-14|Master Mk.III|W8455|No.3 ADF, RAF|Lyme Green, Macclesfield”

Crash site of Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb BL487 at Ashley, Altrincham, Cheshire

14th September 1942
Spitfire Mk.Vb BL487
No.880 Sqn, RN
Ashley, Cheshire

No.880 Squadron had operated Hawker Sea Hurricanes for sometime aboard HMS Indomitable before arriving in Liverpool on the 28th August 1942 and travelling the short distance to HMS Blackcap at … Continue reading “1942-09-14|Spitfire Mk.Vb|BL487|No.880 Sqn, RN|Ashley, Cheshire”

17th October 1942
Master Mk.III W8560
Bollington, Cheshire

The pilot was on a training flight with the purpose of practicing forced landing approaches, however while conducting this he became lost on bad weather and found himself having to … Continue reading “1942-10-17|Master Mk.III|W8560|No.5 FTS, RAF|Bollington, Cheshire”

Crash site of Airspeed Oxford Mk.I LW959 at Henbury, Maccesfield

29th September 1943
Oxford Mk.I LW959
No.21 (P)AFU, RAF
Henbury, Cheshire

The instructor, who was onboard as a Safety Pilot, and student were carrying out a day cross country flight from Wheaton Aston near Stafford. The briefed route was Wheaton Aston … Continue reading “1943-09-29|Oxford Mk.I|LW959|No.21 (P)AFU, RAF|Henbury, Cheshire”

Crash site of Republic P-47s 42-7872 and 42-7898 on Cats Tor, Bollington, Cheshire

30th September 1943
P-47D 42-7872 & 42-7898
2906th Ob Grp, USAAF
Cats Tor, Bollington

The two aircraft belonged to a unit which together with the 6th Fighter Wing were responsible for Operational Training at Atcham. They were combined and became the 495th Fighter Training … Continue reading “1943-09-30|P-47D|42-7872 & 42-7898|2906th Ob Grp, USAAF|Cats Tor, Bollington”

Memorial / Grave at the crash site of Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 42-7925 off Shrewbridge Road, Nantwich, Cheshire

14th January 1944
P-47D 42-7925
495th FTG, USAAF
Nantwich, Cheshire

At about 14:00 on the 14th January 1944 two flights of P-47s left Atcham near Shrewsbury with an instructor as flight leader. They climbed to between 22 and 24,000ft where … Continue reading “1944-01-14|P-47D|42-7925|495th FTG, USAAF|Nantwich, Cheshire”

21st March 1944
Spitfire Mk.Vb W3569
No.316 Sqn, RAF
Bosley Cloud, Cheshire

The pilot was on a training flight from RAF Woodvale near Southport when he suffered from engines trouble and attempted to force land but the aircraft crashed during the attempt … Continue reading “1944-03-21|Spitfire Mk.Vb|W3569|No.316 Sqn, RAF|Bosley Cloud, Cheshire”

Crash site of Douglas C-47A 41-38608 at Dawson Farm, Bosley, Cheshire in 1944

22nd December 1944
C-47A 41-38608
363rd TRG, USAAF
Bosley, Macclesfield

The aircraft was being used to ferry supplies from Burtonwood to Le Culot (Y-10) in France via Grove near Wantage in Oxfordshire, along with a small number of passengers. The … Continue reading “1944-12-22|C-47A|41-38608|363rd TRG, USAAF|Bosley, Macclesfield”

Memorial at the crash site of Boeing B-17G 43-38944 on Birchenough Hill, Wildboarclough, Cheshire

2nd January 1945
B-17G 43-38944
398th BG, USAAF
Birchenough Hill, Wildboarclough

1st Lt De Cleene and the crew flying with him were all from the 398th and had flown over to Burtonwood to collect a new replacement aircraft for one which … Continue reading “1945-01-02|B-17G|43-38944|398th BG, USAAF|Birchenough Hill, Wildboarclough”

Tiny fragments of wreckage found at the crash site of Airspeed Oxford L4601 on Shutlingsloe, Wildboarclough, Cheshire

4th April 1945
Oxford Mk.I L4601
Shutlingsloe, Wildboarclough

The aircraft was being used for a day cross country flight from RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire. The aircraft had taken off from Cranwell at about 09:30 and had flown for … Continue reading “1945-04-04|Oxford Mk.I|L4601|No.17 SFTS, RAF|Shutlingsloe, Wildboarclough”

Crash site of Airspeed Oxford Mk.I LX673 in Wildboarclough near Macclesfield, Cheshire

11th January 1946
Oxford Mk.I LX673
No.21 (P)AFU, RAF
Wildboarclough, Macclesfield

The pupil pilot was receiving training in the use of Standard Beam Approach equipment and had been airborne from Wheaton Aston for some 37 minutes when, at 09:45 the aircraft … Continue reading “1946-01-11|Oxford Mk.I|LX673|No.21 (P)AFU, RAF|Wildboarclough, Macclesfield”

Wreckage at the crash site of Supermarine Seafire Sp325 and SX314 on Tagsclough Hill, Wildboarclough, Cheshire

16th July 1949
Seafire F. Mk.17 SP325 & SX314
No.1831 Sqn, RN
Wildboarclough, Macclesfield

Supermarine Seafire F.Mk.17s SP325 and SX314 of No.1831 Sqn, RN, crashed after mid-air collision near Wildboarclough 16th July 1949 while flying from RNAS Stretton near Warrington   Edward Hugh Ramsden Eccles Lieutenant Pilot (SX314) Killed Frank James Dyke Lieutenant Pilot (SP325) Killed  

Excavating the crash site of Supermarine Attacker F.B. Mk.1 WA535 at Winwick, Warrington

5th February 1953
Attacker F.B. Mk.1 WA535
No.767 Sqn, RN
Winwick, Warrington

During the afternoon of the 5th February 1953 Mr Collingwood took off from Royal Naval Air Station Stretton near Warrington on his third familiarisation flight in a Supermarine Attacker, having … Continue reading “1953-02-05|Attacker F.B. Mk.1|WA535|No.767 Sqn, RN|Winwick, Warrington”

Crash site of de Havilland Vampire VV602, Wildboarclough, Macclesfield, Cheshire

1st May 1954
Vampire F.B. Mk.5 VV602
No.613 Sqn, RAuxAF
Wildboarclough, Macclesfield

The aircraft was an English Electric built example of the Vampire F.B. Mk.5 and was equipped with the de Havilland Goblin Mk.2 centrifugal flow turbojet. It had been built at … Continue reading “1954-05-01|Vampire F.B. Mk.5|VV602|No.613 Sqn, RAuxAF|Wildboarclough, Macclesfield”

Excavating the crash site of de Havilland Vampire VV602, Wildboarclough, Macclesfield, Cheshire

1st May 1954
Vampire F.B. Mk.5 VV602
No.613 Sqn, RAuxAF
Wildboarclough, Macclesfield

This page follows on from that describing the loss of the aircraft. Following a visit to the site in September 2007 a licence was applied for to permit the excavation … Continue reading “1954-05-01|Vampire F.B. Mk.5|VV602|No.613 Sqn, RAuxAF|Wildboarclough, Macclesfield”