Crash site of Supermarine Spitfire K9888 on Great Dun Fell, Appleby, Cumbria

18th July 1939
Spitfire Mk.I K9888
No.41 Sqn, RAF
Great Dun Fell, Cumbria

Sergeant Mitchell was on a flight from Catterick in North Yorkshire to Dumfries, he had taken off at around 10:55 and had flown west via Bowes where he entered into a … Continue reading “1939-07-18|Spitfire Mk.I|K9888|No.41 Sqn, RAF|Great Dun Fell, Cumbria”

Wreckage from Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk.V P5009 scattered about the shore of Loch Enoch

27th November 1940
Whitley Mk.V P5009
No.10 B&GS, RAF
Loch Enoch, Dumfries & Galloway

The aircraft had taken off from Dumfries for a short flight to West Freugh near Stranraer, though the unit ORB recorded the flight as being the opposite direction, so that … Continue reading “1940-11-27|Whitley Mk.V|P5009|No.10 B&GS, RAF|Loch Enoch, Dumfries & Galloway”

Crash site of Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV Z7646 on Bowbeat Hill, Moorfoot Hills, Peebles, Scottish Border

30th July 1941
Blenheim Mk.IV Z7646
No.18 MU, RAF
Bowbeat Hill, Borders

No.18 Maintenance Unit were stationed at RAF Dumfries where they prepared aircraft for active service, they had large numbers of aircraft on charge at any one time and so stored … Continue reading “1941-07-30|Blenheim Mk.IV|Z7646|No.18 MU, RAF|Bowbeat Hill, Borders”

Napier Dagger engine from Hawker Hector K8096 on Red Pike, Cumbria

8th September 1941
Hector K8096
Red Pike, Cumbria

Hector K8096 was being transferred from No.1 School of Army Co-operation at Old Sarum near to Salisbury to No.18 Maintenance Unit at Dumfries where it was likely to go into … Continue reading “1941-09-08|Hector|K8096|No.1 SAC, RAF|Red Pike, Cumbria”

Crash site of Avro Anson Mk.I DJ222 on Green Gable, Cumbria

9th August 1943
Anson Mk.I DJ222
No.10 (O)AFU, RAF
Green Gable, Cumbria

Late in the evening of the 8th August 1943 a number of crews were detailed to fly cross country navigation training flights from RAF Dumfries, for a number of these … Continue reading “1943-08-09|Anson Mk.I|DJ222|No.10 (O)AFU, RAF|Green Gable, Cumbria”

View from the crash site of Avro Anson Mk.I DJ275 on Sca Fell

9th August 1943
Anson Mk.I DJ275
No.10 (O)AFU, RAF
Cam Spout, Sca Fell

The crew were on a navigation exercise from Dumfries when they flew into the southern side of Sca Fell above Cam Spout killing all on board.

Wreckage at the crash site of Avro Anson EG485 on Cairnsmore of Fleet, Newton Stewart

22nd February 1944
Anson Mk.I EG485
No.10 (O)AFU, RAF
Cairnsmore of Fleet, Dumfries & Galloway

The aircraft took off from Dumfries at 20:17 on the 22nd February for a night navigation exercise around the northern Irish Sea / North Channel area. The intended route was … Continue reading “1944-02-22|Anson Mk.I|EG485|No.10 (O)AFU, RAF|Cairnsmore of Fleet, Dumfries & Galloway”

Armstrong Siddeley Cheetha engine from Avro Anson Mk.I MG827 on Criffel, New Abbey, Dumfries & Galloway

4th November 1944
Anson Mk.I MG827
No.10 (O)AFU, RAF
Criffel, Dumfries & Galloway

The aircraft was being used for a daytime cross country navigation flight from RAF Dumfries when it flew into the north western side of Criffel, an 1,800ft high mountain on … Continue reading “1944-11-04|Anson Mk.I|MG827|No.10 (O)AFU, RAF|Criffel, Dumfries & Galloway”