Pegal Burn looking towards the crash site of Ju88 4D+EK

17th October 1939
Ju88A-1 4D+EK
Isle of Hoy, Orkney

The aircraft was one of a number taking part in an attack on the fleet anchorage of Scapa Flow, the crews had been briefed to attack only ships at anchor … Continue reading “1939-10-17|Ju88A-1|4D+EK|1/KG25|Isle of Hoy, Orkney”

Crash site of Ju88 0662 M2+CK at Lennoxtown, East Dunbartonshire

7th May 1941
Ju88A-5 0662/M2+CK
3/ Kü Fl Gr 906, Luftwaffe
Lennoxtown, East Dunbartonshire

The aircraft had taken off from a base in Holland on the 6th May 1941 as part of a large attack against Glasgow and Greenock. At 02:00 on the 7th … Continue reading “1941-05-07|Ju88A-5|0662/M2+CK|3/ Kü Fl Gr 906, Luftwaffe|Lennoxtown, East Dunbartonshire”

Crash site of Junkers Ju88 6312 / F1+AD at Black Brook bear the Roaches, in the Peak District

7th May 1941
Ju88A-5 6213 / F1+AD
3/KG76, Luftwaffe
Roach End, Leek

The aircraft, from KG 76, was one of a number of aircraft tasked with bombing Liverpool on the night of the 7th / 8th May 1941. The aircraft was being flown by … Continue reading “1941-05-07|Ju88A-5|6213 / F1+AD|3/KG76, Luftwaffe|Roach End, Leek”

Memorial at the crash site of Ju88 144354 on Linhope RIgg, Northumberland

25th March 1943
Ju88A-14 144354
I/KG6, Luftwaffe
Linhope Rigg, Powburn, Northumberland

On the night of the 24th/25th March 1943 a number of aircraft left air stations in France and Holland to carry out a raid against Edinburgh. Shortly after midnight on … Continue reading “1943-03-25|Ju88A-14|144354|I/KG6, Luftwaffe|Linhope Rigg, Powburn, Northumberland”

Crash site of Ju88 3E+HM on Hare Hill

25th March 1943
Ju88A-14 144357 / 3E+HM
2/KG6, Luftwaffe
Hare Hill, West Lothian

During the night of the 24th / 25th March 1943 a raid was mounted against Edinburgh by a small number of Luftwaffe units, no fewer than 6 aircraft were lost, … Continue reading “1943-03-25|Ju88A-14|144357 / 3E+HM|2/KG6, Luftwaffe|Hare Hill, West Lothian”