Junkers Ju88A-1 coded 4D+EK of 1/KG25 (Formerly 1/KG30) crashed at the mouth of Pegal Burn on the Isle of Hoy on the 17th October 1939


Walter Flaemig Oberleutnant Pilot Killed
Attenburger Unteroffizier Observer Killed
Fritz Ambrosius Unteroffizier Wireless Operator Injured
Faust Gefreiter Gunner Killed


The aircraft was one of a number taking part in an attack on the fleet anchorage of Scapa Flow, the crews had been briefed to attack only ships at anchor in open water, one of these was HMS Iron Duke which was attacked. Very early in the attack, before dropping any bombs this aircraft was fired upon by anti aircraft guns on Rysa Little (a small island off Hoy). The aircraft was hit and caught fire almost immediately, the gunner was almost certainly killed by this AA fire as his compartment was virtually destroyed. Unteroffizier Ambrosius released the upper escape hatch which was dragged away from the aircraft by the slip stream, with him still holding onto the release handle. Once clear of the aircraft he was able to open his parachute.

In his statement made to RAF Air Intelligence personnel he said that he could not understand why the Pilot and Observer had not abandoned the aircraft as he thought they had sufficient time to do so.

This aircraft was the first German aircraft to be brought down on British soil. It has often been overlooked and an He111 which was shot down near Edinburgh is sometimes quoted as being the first, that aircraft was the first to be shot down over the mainland and the first by fighter aircraft over land.

Pegal Burn looking towards the crash site of Ju88 4D+EK
This photo shows the view towards where 4D+EK crashed. The island visible on the right hand half of the photo is Rysa Little where the guns which brought the aircraft down were positioned.
Alan at the crash site of Ju88 4D+EK at the mouth of Pegal Burn, Isle of Hoy
Alan with some of the few remaining pieces of the aircraft.