Undercarriage from Armstrong Whitworth Whitley P5041 at Balmavicar, Mull of Kintyre

23rd January 1941
Whitley Mk.V P5041
No.502 Sqn, RAF
Balmavicar, Kintyre

The aircraft had taken off from Aldergrove in Northern Ireland on convoy escort duties, the crew became lost in bad weather (most likely while returning to Aldergrove) and flew too … Continue reading “1941-01-23|Whitley Mk.V|P5041|No.502 Sqn, RAF|Balmavicar, Kintyre”

The crash site of Lockheed Hudson AE640 at Feorlan, Mull of Kintyre

25th July 1941
Hudson Mk.V AE640
Feorlan, Kintyre

The aircraft was a newly built aircraft which was being ferried from the Lockheed factory to the UK. It had been flown across the USA and Canada before being flown … Continue reading “1941-07-25|Hudson Mk.V|AE640|OADF, RAF|Feorlan, Kintyre”

Wooden marker placed close to the crash site of Consolidated Liberator AM915 on Arinarach Hill near Campbeltown

1st September 1941
Liberator Mk.I AM915
Arinarach Hill, Kintyre

The crash occurred while the aircraft was on the final leg of its journey from Montreal with a number of passengers bound for the UK.  They were a mix of … Continue reading “1941-09-01|Liberator Mk.I|AM915|BOAC|Arinarach Hill, Kintyre”

Crash site of Bristol Beaufort N1180 on Tor Mhor, Mull of Kintyre

2nd September 1942
Beaufort Mk.I N1180
Tor Mhor, Kintyre

While normally stationed at RAF Abbotsinch (now Glasgow Airport), the crew had been detatched to operate from RAF Turnberry on the Ayrshire coast. They had been briefed for a night … Continue reading “1942-09-02|Beaufort Mk.I|N1180|No.1 TTU, RAF|Tor Mhor, Kintyre”

Wright Cyclone engine at the crash site of Lockheed Neptune WX545 on Beinn na Lice, Mull of Kintyre

10th October 1956
Neptune M.R. Mk.1 WX545
No.36 Sqn, RAF
Beinn na Lice, Kintyre

The crew were on an anti submarine exercise from Ballykelly, the aircraft’s home airfield was Topcliffe in Yorkshire but it had been detached to Ballykelly for the exercise, during the … Continue reading “1956-10-10|Neptune M.R. Mk.1|WX545|No.36 Sqn, RAF|Beinn na Lice, Kintyre”

Avro Shackleton M.R. Mk.2 WB833

19th April 1968
Shackleton M.R. Mk.2 WB833
No.204 Sqn, RAF
Glenmanuilt Hill, Kintyre

The aircraft had taken off from Ballykelly in Northern Ireland on an anti-submarine exercise early on the morning of the 19th April 1968, it is reported to have been tasked … Continue reading “1968-04-19|Shackleton M.R. Mk.2|WB833|No.204 Sqn, RAF|Glenmanuilt Hill, Kintyre”

Memorial cairn at the crash site of Boeing Vertol Chinook ZD576 on Beinn na Lice, Mull of Kintyre

2nd June 1994
Chinook H.C. Mk.2 ZD576
No.7 Sqn, RAF
Beinn Na Lice, Kintyre

The aircraft was being used to fly personnel from the Army, security and intelligence services to a meeting at Fort George near Inverness. They had taken off from Aldergrove near … Continue reading “1994-06-02|Chinook H.C. Mk.2|ZD576|No.7 Sqn, RAF|Beinn Na Lice, Kintyre”