Crash site of Gloster Meteor RA487 on Hagg Side in the Derwent Valley, Derbyshire

8th December 1950
Meteor F. Mk.4 RA487
No.66 Sqn, RAF
Hagg Side, Derwent Valley

The pilot was on a night cross country navigation exercise from RAF Linton-on-Ouse near York when he became lost. As his fuel supply ran low Sgt Harrington attempted to force … Continue reading “1950-12-08|Meteor F. Mk.4|RA487|No.66 Sqn, RAF|Hagg Side, Derwent Valley”

Tail section at the crash site of Gloster Meteor VZ518 & WA791 on Slidden Moss, Longdendale

12th April 1951
Meteor F. Mk.8 WA791 & VZ518
No.66 Sqn, RAF
Sliddens Moss, Black Hill

At 9:15am on Thursday 12th April 1951 a flight of four Meteor jet aircraft took off from RAF Linton-on-Ouse near York for a training flight.  Flying the lead pair were … Continue reading “1951-04-12|Meteor F. Mk.8|WA791 & VZ518|No.66 Sqn, RAF|Sliddens Moss, Black Hill”

Crash site of Gloster Meteor F. Mk.4 VZ418 on Burn Moor, North Yorkshire

10th July 1951
Meteor F. Mk.4 VZ418
No.205 AFS, RAF
Burn Moor, North Yorkshire

On Tuesday 10th July 1951 Pilot Officer Valentine, a 25 year old trainee pilot with just under 200 hours of flying experience, took off from RAF Middleton St George near … Continue reading “1951-07-10|Meteor F. Mk.4|VZ418|No.205 AFS, RAF|Burn Moor, North Yorkshire”

Crash site of Gloster Meteor WH383 and WH384 near Edgworth, Bolton, Lancashire

14th November 1953
Meteor F. Mk.8 WH383 & WH384
No.610 Sqn, RAuxAF
Edgworth, Lancashire

The two jet aircraft, lead by F/Lt Mercer, a resident of Bolton, had taken off from Hooton Park near Ellesmere Port (now mostly covered by the Vauxhall car plant) on … Continue reading “1953-11-14|Meteor F. Mk.8|WH383 & WH384|No.610 Sqn, RAuxAF|Edgworth, Lancashire”

Wreckage scattered about the crash site of Gloster Meteor WD778 on Knock Fell, Dufton, Cumbria

24th March 1954
Meteor N.F. Mk.11 WD778
No.228 OCU, RAF
Dufton Fell, Cumbria

Gloster Meteor N.F. Mk.11 WD778 of No.228 OCU RAF, crashed on the 24th March 1954 on Dufton Fell near Appleby in the North Pennines after becoming lost in bad weather and running out of fuel   John David Briggs Pilot Officer Pilot Killed Derrick Walker Flying Officer Navigator / Radar operator Killed  

Memorial unveiling close to the crash site of Gloster Meteor WE904 at Millthorpe near Chesterfield, Derbyshire

12th May 1955
Meteor F. Mk.8 WE904
No.211 FTS, RAF
Millthorpe, Chesterfield

On the 12th May 2005 a memorial was unveiled by the sister of the pilot in the village of Millthorpe commemorating his death. The pilot had taken off to carry … Continue reading “1955-05-12|Meteor F. Mk.8|WE904|No.211 FTS, RAF|Millthorpe, Chesterfield”