Crash site of Lockheed Hudson N7294 near Captain Cooks Monument, Easby Moor

11th February 1940
Hudson Mk.I N7294
No.220 Sqn, RAF
Easby Moor, Great Ayton

The aircraft was being used to carry out a patrol from Thornaby. Shortly after take off the aircraft’s windscreen iced up blocking forward vision, shortly after this occurring the aircraft … Continue reading “1940-02-11|Hudson Mk.I|N7294|No.220 Sqn, RAF|Easby Moor, Great Ayton”

Crash site of Lockheed Hudson T9371 on Pamperdale Moor near Ingleby Arncliffe, North Yorkshire

22nd January 1941
Hudson Mk.II T9371
No.220 Sqn, RAF
Pamperdale Moor, Ingleby Arncliffe

The aircraft was on ferry flight from St Eval in Cornwall back to Thornaby. At about 11:30 the aircraft crashed on Pamperdale Moor and burned out. Thomas Joseph McHugh was … Continue reading “1941-01-22|Hudson Mk.II|T9371|No.220 Sqn, RAF|Pamperdale Moor, Ingleby Arncliffe”

Port wing at the crash site of Lockheed Hudson N7310 on Withi Gill, Isle of Hoy

19th March 1941
Hudson Mk.I N7310
No.220 Sqn, RAF
Withi Gill, Orkney

No.220 Squadron was stationed at RAF Thornaby near Middlesbrough with a number of detached Flights at other coastal air stations, one was at RAF Wick in Caithness. At 05:50 on … Continue reading “1941-03-19|Hudson Mk.I|N7310|No.220 Sqn, RAF|Withi Gill, Orkney”