Lockheed Hudson Mk.II T9371 of No.220 Squadron crashed on Pamperdale Moor near Ingleby Arncliffe on the 22nd January 1941

Lockheed Hudson at the Royal Air Force Museum


C Smith Sergeant Pilot Survived
Laurence Bertram Scase Sergeant Pilot Killed
William Parfitt Sergeant Wireless Operator / Air Gunner Killed
Thomas Joseph McHugh Sergeant Air Gunner ? Survived


The aircraft was on ferry flight from St Eval in Cornwall back to Thornaby. At about 11:30 the aircraft crashed on Pamperdale Moor and burned out.

Thomas Joseph McHugh was posted as missing in action on the 6th August 1941 still serving with 220 Sqn. The aircraft he was a crewman on, Hudson Mk.V AM583 NR-F, failed to return from a Bert Patrol having possibly been claimed by Lt Jakobi.

Crash site of Lockheed Hudson T9371 on Pamperdale Moor near Ingleby Arncliffe, North Yorkshire
At the site where the aircraft burned out there are still many fragments of burnt aluminium lying on the ground.