View down into the Vale of Edale from the crash site of the aircraft

25th April 1943
P-47C 41-6227
56th FG, USAAF
Horsehill Tor, Edale

John Coenen was injured when he landed heavily on what is now the Pennine Way at Upper Booth after bailing out on realising that he was not going to get … Continue reading “1943-04-25|P-47C|41-6227|56th FG, USAAF|Horsehill Tor, Edale”

Crash site of Republic P-47 42-7897 on Ffrith Dreborth, Glyndyfrdwy, Llangollen

18th July 1943
P-47D 42-7897
Ffrith Dreborth, Wrexham

The pilot was on a local flying exercise from Atcham near Shrewsbury with three other P-47s when his aircraft crashed on high ground. The investigating officer found that the fuel … Continue reading “1943-07-18|P-47D|42-7897|6th FW, USAAF|Ffrith Dreborth, Wrexham”

Crash site of Republic P-47s 42-7872 and 42-7898 on Cats Tor, Bollington, Cheshire

30th September 1943
P-47D 42-7872 & 42-7898
2906th Ob Grp, USAAF
Cats Tor, Bollington

The two aircraft belonged to a unit which together with the 6th Fighter Wing were responsible for Operational Training at Atcham. They were combined and became the 495th Fighter Training … Continue reading “1943-09-30|P-47D|42-7872 & 42-7898|2906th Ob Grp, USAAF|Cats Tor, Bollington”

Memorial / Grave at the crash site of Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 42-7925 off Shrewbridge Road, Nantwich, Cheshire

14th January 1944
P-47D 42-7925
495th FTG, USAAF
Nantwich, Cheshire

At about 14:00 on the 14th January 1944 two flights of P-47s left Atcham near Shrewsbury with an instructor as flight leader. They climbed to between 22 and 24,000ft where … Continue reading “1944-01-14|P-47D|42-7925|495th FTG, USAAF|Nantwich, Cheshire”

Crash site of Republic P-47C Thunderbolt 41-6259 near Ashbourne, Derbyshire

19th January 1944
P-47C 41-6259
Sudbury, Derbyshire

The aircraft was being ferried, along with a second P-47, from Halesworth in southern England to Maghaberry in Northern Ireland for an overhaul. The weather en-route was poor, with 10/10ths … Continue reading “1944-01-19|P-47C|41-6259|27th ATG, USAAF|Sudbury, Derbyshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of P-47D 42-22758 on Pendle Hill, Clitheroe, Lancashire

6th February 1944
P-47D 42-22758
Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 42-22758 being flown by the 310th Ferry Squadron, 27th Air Transport Group, crashed on Pendle Hill near Clitheroe, Lancashire on the 6th February 1944 after becoming lost in cloud whilst attempting to get to Warton with several other aircraft   John R. Runnells Flight Officer Pilot Killed  

Wreckage at the crash site of Republic P-47 42-75101 on Mynydd Copog, Dolgellau, Wales

4th May 1944
P-47D 42-75101
495th FTG, USAAF
Mynydd Copog, Gwynedd

The pilot was performing authorised aerobatics and local flying from Atcham near Shrewsbury, he had flown west across mid Wales and during a series of rolls drifted over higher ground. … Continue reading “1944-05-04|P-47D|42-75101|495th FTG, USAAF|Mynydd Copog, Gwynedd”

Crash site of P-47 Thunderbolt 41-6195 near Aled Isfa Reservoir, Denbigh

8th July 1944
P-47C 41-6195
495th FTG, USAAF
Aled Isfa, Denbighshire

2nd Lt Wahl was on a training flight from RAF Atcham, near Shrewsbury, with two other P-47 aircraft. He was flying in the No.3 position in a line astern formation. … Continue reading “1944-07-08|P-47C|41-6195|495th FTG, USAAF|Aled Isfa, Denbighshire”

Memorial ceremony at Riverside Road, Upper Tean, crash site of Republic P-47D 42-22491

14th July 1944
P-47D 42-22491
495th FTG, USAAF
Upper Tean, Staffordshire

22 Year old 2nd Lieutenant Donald M. Pfaff, pictured above, of Homestead PA (to the SE of Pittsburgh) was flying in the No.3 position of a 4 ship battle formation … Continue reading “1944-07-14|P-47D|42-22491|495th FTG, USAAF|Upper Tean, Staffordshire”

Crash site of Republic P-47D 42-74728 at Greenway Hall, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

24th August 1944
P-47D 42-74728
495th FTG, USAAF
Stockton Brook, Staffordshire

2nd Lt Fulton was on an instrument and aerobatics training flight from Atcham with another P-47. After completing the instrument phase of the flight both pilots commenced their assigned aerobatics … Continue reading “1944-08-24|P-47D|42-74728|495th FTG, USAAF|Stockton Brook, Staffordshire”

Crash site of Republic P-47C Thunderbolt 41-6628 at Thorncliffe near Leek, Staffordshire

3rd October 1944
P-47C 41-6628
495th FTG, USAAF
Thorncliffe, Leek

The photograph above shows Quentin J. Sella shortly after receiving his commission in February 1944, this appeared with his obituary in the Grand Rapids Press (one of the newspapers from … Continue reading “1944-10-03|P-47C|41-6628|495th FTG, USAAF|Thorncliffe, Leek”