Republic P-47C Thunderbolt 41-6259 of the 311th Ferrying Squadron, 27th Air Transport Group USAAF, crashed at Sudbury near Ashbourne on the 19th January 1944

Republic P-47D Thunderbolt


Dennis E. Robinson 2nd Lieutenant Pilot Killed


The aircraft was being ferried, along with a second P-47, from Halesworth in southern England to Maghaberry in Northern Ireland for an overhaul. The weather en-route was poor, with 10/10ths cloud down to about 500 feet in places and rain. The two pilots had attempted to remain below the cloud but eventually 2nd Lt Robinson decided climb through the cloud, however he had very little instrument flying experience. It was thought that shortly after climbing into the clouds 2nd Lt Robinson lost control of the aircraft which dived out of the weather and into a wooded area where it blew up on impact.

The second pilot had also been forced up into the clouds where he lost contact with Robinson, he was able to continue on and landed at Maghaberry.

Crash site of Republic P-47C Thunderbolt 41-6259 near Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Very little remains on the surface today, though a crater is visible. The sites was excavated a number of years ago in an attempt to find the engine. This though, had been recovered at the time as it is clearly visible the photographs that accompany the accident report.
Accident report photograph of the crash site of Republic P-47C Thunderbolt 41-6259
Above is a photo from the accident report showing the crater with in the foreground the aircraft’s engine.
Image via Mike Stowe,
Grave of 2nd Lieutenant Dennis E. Robinson at Cambridge American Military Cemetery
2nd Lieutenant Dennis E. Robinson was buried at Cambridge American Cemetery