Canadair Sabre 6 23380 / BB-380 of No.421 Squadron RCAF, crashed on Iron Crag near Ennerdale Water on the 26th June 1959 while being ferried from Prestwick to France

Canadair Sabre 6 at the Museum of Flight, Seattle
Canadair Sabre 6, its serial is 17 away from 23380


Robert Gordon Starling Flying Officer Pilot Killed


Wreckage at the impact point of Sabre 23380 on Iron Crag, Ennerdale
One of the few parts of the aircraft spread around where it flew into Iron Crag. The rest of the aircraft is spread over some distance, to the south of the impact point.
Grave of Flying Officer Robert Gordon Starling at Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey
F/O Starling was buried at Brookwood Military Cemetery in Surrey, above is his grave.