Wreckage at the crash site of Mustang AP208 on Holdron Moss, Lancashire

29th November 1942
Mustang Mk.I AP208
No.4 Sqn, RAF
Holdron Moss, Lancashire

North American Mustang Mk.I AP208 of No.4 Squadron RAF flew into Holdron Moss in the Forest of Bowland on the 29th November 1942 whilst on a photographic training flight from Clifton near York   Sohlto Paton Marlatt Flying Officer RCAF Pilot Killed  

Crash site of North American Mustang AG586 on Fountains Earth Moor, Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire

15th December 1942
Mustang Mk.I AG586
No.613 Sqn, RAF
Fountains Earth Moor, North Yorkshire

The pilot was on a formation flying exercise from RAF Ouston in Northumberland, in poor weather he became separated from the rest of the flight and being unable to locate … Continue reading “1942-12-15|Mustang Mk.I|AG586|No.613 Sqn, RAF|Fountains Earth Moor, North Yorkshire”

Crash site of North American Harvard Mk.IIB FT442 on Shining Tor, Buxton, Derbyshire

30th November 1944
Harvard Mk.IIB FT442
No.5 (P)AFU, RAF
Shining Tor, Buxton

On the 30th November 1944, Sergeant Julius Sofranko, a Czechoslovakian who had joined the RAF Volunteer Reserve, took off from RAF Ternhill piloting Harvard FT442 on a solo cross country … Continue reading “1944-11-30|Harvard Mk.IIB|FT442|No.5 (P)AFU, RAF|Shining Tor, Buxton”

Excavation of the crash site of North American Mustang Mk.III FX931 at High Bentham, North Yorkshire

14th February 1945
Mustang Mk.III FX931
No.61 OTU, RAF
High Bentham, North Yorkshire

Sergeant Struniewski, a member of the Polish Air Force and on No.54 Course at 61 OTU, was briefed, along with four other pilots, for a day cross country flight from … Continue reading “1945-02-14|Mustang Mk.III|FX931|No.61 OTU, RAF|High Bentham, North Yorkshire”

The Packard Merlin engine being recovered from the crash site of Mustang KH838 at Wrightington, Lancashire

15th February 1945
Mustang Mk.IV KH838
No.14 FPP, ATA
Wrightington, Lancashire

On the 15th February 1945 23 year old Third Officer Fairman was flying the second leg of a ferry flight of a brand new North American Mustang Mk.IV from Lockheed … Continue reading “1945-02-15|Mustang Mk.IV|KH838|No.14 FPP, ATA|Wrightington, Lancashire”

The crash site of North American P-51D Mustang 44-64084 near Glossop, Derbyshire

29th May 1945
P-51D 44-64084
Nr Glossop, Derbyshire

The aircraft flew into rising ground at high speed while the pilot was attempting to get below low cloud to ascertain his position. Witnesses saw the aircraft perform a sharp … Continue reading “1945-05-29|P-51D|44-64084|4th FG, USAAF|Nr Glossop, Derbyshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of North American P-51D Mustang 44-72181 on Castleshaw Moor, Oldham

29th May 1945
P-51D 44-72181
Castleshaw Moor, Oldham

North American P-51D Mustang 44-72181 / VF-S ‘Sunny VIII’ of the 366th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group, crashed on Castleshaw Moor 29th May 1945 while being ferried from Debden to Speke   Harold H. Fredericks 1st Lieutenant Pilot Killed  

Crash site of Mustang Mk.III SR411 on Wives Hill, Darwen Moor

29th July 1945
Mustang Mk.III SR411
No.316 Sqn, RAF
Darwen Moor, Lancashire

On the 28th July 1945 four aircraft from No.316 Squadron had taken off from RAF Coltishall in Norfolk and flown to air stations elsewhere in the country. One of these … Continue reading “1945-07-29|Mustang Mk.III|SR411|No.316 Sqn, RAF|Darwen Moor, Lancashire”

North American Harvard Mk.2B

7th August 1947
Harvard Mk.2B KF954
Nr Buxton, Derbyshire

AC2 Wright had taken off for a cross country flight at 11:15 and at some point became disorientated, unable to locate his position he decided to make a forced landing. … Continue reading “1947-08-07|Harvard Mk.2B|KF954|No.6 FTS, RAF|Nr Buxton, Derbyshire”

Wreckage near the crash site of North American Harvard Mk.2b FT415 on the Wool Packs, Kinder

14th January 1952
Harvard Mk.2B FT415
No.22 FTS, RAF
Wool Packs, Kinder

The pilot of the aircraft was a trainee Fleet Air Arm pilot who was carrying out flying training with the RAF. This was fairly common in the 1950s, No.22 FTS … Continue reading “1952-01-14|Harvard Mk.2B|FT415|No.22 FTS, RAF|Wool Packs, Kinder”

Crash site of North American Harvard FX306 at Foolow, Derbyshire

10th December 1952
Harvard Mk.2B FX306
Foolow, Tideswell

The pilot was on a “Circuits, Landings and Local Map Reading” exercise from RAF Ternhill. He had taken off at 09:40 and remained out of contact until 10:45 when he … Continue reading “1952-12-10|Harvard Mk.2B|FX306|No.6 FTS, RAF|Foolow, Tideswell”

Wing at the crash site of North American Harvard Mk.2b FT401 on Little Knock, Tweedsmuir

16th January 1953
Harvard Mk.2B FT401
No.22 FTS, RAF
Little Knock, Borders

The aircraft was an RAF Harvard Mk.IIB from No.22 Flying Training School at Syerston near Newark but was being used by a detachment at Anthorn. Midshipman Wadham, a trainee Royal … Continue reading “1953-01-16|Harvard Mk.2B|FT401|No.22 FTS, RAF|Little Knock, Borders”

Wing from Canadair Sabre XD730 near the crash site on Ashop Moor, Derbyshire

22nd July 1954
Sabre F. Mk.6 XD707 & XD730
No.66 Sqn, RAF
Ashop Moor, Kinder

The aircraft were returning to RAF Linton-on-Ouse near York form an unsuccessful interception exercise during Exercise Dividend when they appear to have either collided in cloud or flown into the … Continue reading “1954-07-22|Sabre F. Mk.6|XD707 & XD730|No.66 Sqn, RAF|Ashop Moor, Kinder”

Crash site of North American Sabre XD733, Hood Hill, North Yorkshire

21st September 1954
Sabre F. Mk.4 XD733
No.66 Sqn, RAF
Hood Hill, Kilburn

The pilot had been carrying out a night cross country exercise from RAF Linton-on-Ouse having taken off at 20:15. About an hour later he returned to the York area from … Continue reading “1954-09-21|Sabre F. Mk.4|XD733|No.66 Sqn, RAF|Hood Hill, Kilburn”

Crash site of Sabre 19234 on Black Hill, Holmefirth in October 2007

14th December 1954
Sabre 2 19234
No.137 (T) Flt, RCAF
Black Hill, Holmfirth

During the mid-1950s a large number of RCAF Sabres were re-conditioned at Ringway before they were transferred to other NATO air forces. At the time of this crash the larger … Continue reading “1954-12-14|Sabre 2|19234|No.137 (T) Flt, RCAF|Black Hill, Holmfirth”

Wreckage at the impact point of Sabre 23380 on Iron Crag, Ennerdale

26th June 1959
Sabre 6 23380
No.421 Sqn, RCAF
Iron Crag, Ennerdale

Canadair Sabre 6 23380 / BB-380 of No.421 Squadron RCAF, crashed on Iron Crag near Ennerdale Water on the 26th June 1959 while being ferried from Prestwick to France   Robert Gordon Starling Flying Officer Pilot Killed