North American Harvard Mk.2B FX306 of No.6 FTS crash landed near Foolow, 10th December 1952 after suffering an engine failure

North American Harvard Mk.2B


Ronald Windle Pilot Officer Pilot Injured


The pilot was on a “Circuits, Landings and Local Map Reading” exercise from RAF Ternhill. He had taken off at 09:40 and remained out of contact until 10:45 when he radioed Ternhill to request a bearing to return and stated that the engines was running abnormally. Control was unable to make contact with P/O Windle and asked another pilot who was out on an exercise to attempt to make contact, he to was unable to get a response.

At about this time the aircraft had been seen circling the Tideswell, its engine cut out shortly after and the pilot glided the aircraft down into a nearby field. The field he landed in was one of the few large fields in the area. Due to having no power he was forced to land downwind which prevented the aircraft coming safely to a halt within the field and it struck a dry stone wall near to its south-eastern corner. This brought the aircraft to a sudden stop with the engine protruding through the wall and the pilot’s seat and harness broke free from their mountings injuring him.

The cause of the engine failure was determined to be fuel starvation, the lack of response to radio calls was found to be due the headset plug being unserviceable.

Crash site of North American Harvard FX306 at Foolow, Derbyshire
A view of the crash site, the aircraft hit the wall when it landed after engine trouble.