Vickers Wellington Mk.III BK241 of No.27 OTU, crashed near to Derby during the night of the 3rd February 1943

Vickers Wellington Mk.X at the Royal Air Force Museum


Frederick George Bell Sergeant RAAF Pilot Killed
Arthur William Reid Sergeant Navigator Killed
Kevin Vincent Howes Sergeant RAAF Bomb Aimer? Killed
Frederick James Keown Sergeant Wireless Operator / Air Gunner Killed
Raymond Knight Hodson Sergeant RAAF Air Gunner? Killed


The crew were on a cross country exercise from Church Broughton near Derby, while close to the airfield control of the aircraft was lost and it spun into the ground killing all those onboard.

Crash Site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III BK241 near Church Broughton, Derbyshire
A general view of part of the crash site, the aircraft first impacted near the left hand edge of the photo and came to rest at the right hand edge.