Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.IA L7775 on Bruach Mhor, Beinn a'Bhuird, Aberdeenshire

24th October 1940
Wellington Mk.IA L7775
No.20 OTU, RAF
Bruach Mhor, Aberdeenshire

During the night of the 23rd October 1940 a trainee crew along with an instructor left RAF Lossiemouth on the Moray coast for a night cross country exercise with the … Continue reading “1940-10-24|Wellington Mk.IA|L7775|No.20 OTU, RAF|Bruach Mhor, Aberdeenshire”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington L7811 at Concksbury Bridge, Lathkill Dale near Bakewell

12th February 1941
Wellington Mk.IC L7811
No.149 Sqn, RAF
Conksbury Bridge, Bakewell

The aircraft from 149 Squadron, piloted by Sgt Turner, had taken part in a raid against the German city of Breman, home of Mercedes Benz, during the night of the … Continue reading “1941-02-12|Wellington Mk.IC|L7811|No.149 Sqn, RAF|Conksbury Bridge, Bakewell”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.IC R1093 on Carn Garbh near Brora, Sutherland

30th July 1941
Wellington Mk.IC R1093
No.20 OTU, RAF
Carn Garbh, Sutherland

The crew were on a navigation training flight from RAF Lossiemouth when they flew into the north western end of Carn Garbh, a 1770ft high hill to the west of … Continue reading “1941-07-30|Wellington Mk.IC|R1093|No.20 OTU, RAF|Carn Garbh, Sutherland”

View of the crash site of Vickers Wellington W5719 on Far Upper Tor, Kinder Scout, Edale

31st July 1941
Wellington Mk.IC W5719
No.150 Sqn, RAF
Upper Tor, Edale

No.150 Squadron, which in the summer of 1941 had recently moved to RAF Snaith in Yorkshire, was ordered to provide 8 Wellington aircraft for a planned raid against the German … Continue reading “1941-07-31|Wellington Mk.IC|W5719|No.150 Sqn, RAF|Upper Tor, Edale”

Crash site of Wellington Z8424 on Snaefell, Isle of Man - Copyright Peak District Air Accident Research

8th October 1941
Wellington Mk.IC Z8424
Snaefell, Laxey

First Officer Seeds, of Burley Idaho, was attached to No.8 Ferry Pilots’ Pool at Sydenham near Belfast.  On the 8th October 1941 he was detailed to fly Wellington Z8424 from … Continue reading “1941-10-08|Wellington Mk.IC|Z8424|No.8 FPP, ATA|Snaefell, Laxey”

Looking from the crash site of Wellington N2848 towards Great Whernside

30th January 1942
Wellington Mk.IC N2848
No.18 OTU, RAF
Starbotton Fell, North Yorkshire

The Polish crew of Wellington N2848 were on a cross-country navigation training flight from RAF Bramcote in Warwickshire to Carlisle, Newcastle and Hull. The weather on the 30th January 1942 … Continue reading “1942-01-30|Wellington Mk.IC|N2848|No.18 OTU, RAF|Starbotton Fell, North Yorkshire”

Area of White Edge Moor near Sheffield where Vickers Wellington Z8491 crashed

6th February 1942
Wellington Mk.II Z8491
No.12 Sqn, RAF
White Edge Moor, Totley

On the 6th February crews from No.12 Squadron at RAF Binbrook in Lincolnshire were tasked with bombing the French port of Brest, among them was the crew of Z8491, a … Continue reading “1942-02-06|Wellington Mk.II|Z8491|No.12 Sqn, RAF|White Edge Moor, Totley”

No.83 MU Personnel at the crash site of Wellington T2714

8th February 1942
Wellington Mk.IC T2714
No.22 OTU, RAF
Burn Tod, Uldale

The crew were on a cross country navigation training flight from RAF Wellesbourne Mountford near Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire when their aircraft crashed near the summit of Burn Tod in the … Continue reading “1942-02-08|Wellington Mk.IC|T2714|No.22 OTU, RAF|Burn Tod, Uldale”

Smashed Bristol Pegasus engine at the crash site of Vickers Wellington T2707 in Glen Affric

13th February 1942
Wellington Mk.IC T2707
No.20 OTU, RAF
Glen Affric, Inverness-shire

The crew were on a night cross country training flight from Lossiemouth when the starboard propeller came off, the aircraft could not maintain height on a single engine in icing … Continue reading “1942-02-13|Wellington Mk.IC|T2707|No.20 OTU, RAF|Glen Affric, Inverness-shire”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Z1566 at Grindon, Staffordshire, in September 2004

22nd May 1942
Wellington Mk.III Z1566
No.75 Sqn, RNZAF
Grindon, Leek

The crew where on a night cross country flight from Feltwell when according the accident card they had flown into un-forecast bad weather and while trying to descend through the … Continue reading “1942-05-22|Wellington Mk.III|Z1566|No.75 Sqn, RNZAF|Grindon, Leek”

Mynydd Moel near Dolgellau, crash site of Vickers Wellington HX433

28th May 1942
Wellington Mk.IC HX433
No.1443 (F) Flt, RAF
Mynydd Moel, Gwynedd

The crew of Wellington HX433 were carrying out a fuel consumption test flight from RAF Harwell near Didcot prior to the aircraft being ferried to the Middle East. The weather … Continue reading “1942-05-28|Wellington Mk.IC|HX433|No.1443 (F) Flt, RAF|Mynydd Moel, Gwynedd”

Wreckage at the crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.IC Z8980 on Rud Hill near Sheffield, South Yorkshire

17th July 1942
Wellington Mk.IC Z8980
No.27 OTU, RAF
Rud Hill, Sheffield

Some members of the crew were to lose there lives in latter service. They were: Sergeant Thomas Frank Thompson (First Officer at time of death) was killed on the 17th … Continue reading “1942-07-17|Wellington Mk.IC|Z8980|No.27 OTU, RAF|Rud Hill, Sheffield”

Wreckage at the crash site of Wellington DV800 on Carnedd Dafydd / Llewelyn

19th July 1942
Wellington Mk.IC DV800
No.27 OTU, RAF
Black Ladders, Gwynedd

The crew were on a day-time cross county navigation exercise from RAF Lichfield, one leg of the flight took the aircraft from Holyhead to Rhyl. It was thought by the … Continue reading “1942-07-19|Wellington Mk.IC|DV800|No.27 OTU, RAF|Black Ladders, Gwynedd”

Wreckage at the crash site of Vickers Wellington T2715 on Dufton Fell, Appleby, Cumbria

20th August 1942
Wellington Mk.IC T2715
No.25 OTU, RAF
Dufton Fell, Cumbria

From all of the available records only the pilot’s name has ever been found. Sgt Crew was latter commissioned and became a Squadron Leader before being killed on the 5th … Continue reading “1942-08-20|Wellington Mk.IC|T2715|No.25 OTU, RAF|Dufton Fell, Cumbria”

Crash site of Wellington DV718 on Blake Hill, Great Whernside, Kettlewell, Yorkshire

2nd September 1942
Wellington Mk.IC DV718
No.11 OTU, RAF
Riggs Moor, North Yorkshire

The crew of DV718 were similarly tasked to the crew of Z8808, but had taken off from RAF Bassingbourne to complete a night cross country navigation flight. During the flight … Continue reading “1942-09-02|Wellington Mk.IC|DV718|No.11 OTU, RAF|Riggs Moor, North Yorkshire”

Crash site of Wellington Z8808 on Gouthwaite Moor near Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire

2nd September 1942
Wellington Mk.IC Z8808
No.11 OTU, RAF
Ashfold Gill Head, North Yorkshire

Several trainee crews from No.11 OTU were briefed to fly a night cross country flight for the night of the 2nd September 1942, some took off from the unit’s main … Continue reading “1942-09-02|Wellington Mk.IC|Z8808|No.11 OTU, RAF|Ashfold Gill Head, North Yorkshire”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.IC DV600

4th September 1942
Wellington Mk.IC DV600
No.25 OTU, RAF
High Doat, Seatoller

The crew of DV600 were tasked with a night cross county flight, they departed RAF Finningley near Doncaster at about 21:00. At around 22:30 the aircraft flew into the wooded … Continue reading “1942-09-04|Wellington Mk.IC|DV600|No.25 OTU, RAF|High Doat, Seatoller”

The crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III Z1744 at Upper Hulme near Leek, Staffordshire

20th November 1942
Wellington Mk.III Z1744
No.27 OTU, RAF
Upper Hulme, Leek

At about 16:50 on the 20th November 1942 Wellington Mk.III Z1744 flew into the ground above Upper Hulme.  It is reported that prior to this the aircraft had be the … Continue reading “1942-11-20|Wellington Mk.III|Z1744|No.27 OTU, RAF|Upper Hulme, Leek”

Wreckage at the crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.IC DV810 on Broomhead Moor near Langsett, South Yorkshire

9th December 1942
Wellington Mk.IC DV810
No.21 OTU, RAF
Broomhead Moor, Bradfield

The weather on the 9th December 1942 was typical for that time of year, low cloud, strong winds and rain, it was into this inhospitable climate that the crew of … Continue reading “1942-12-09|Wellington Mk.IC|DV810|No.21 OTU, RAF|Broomhead Moor, Bradfield”

Wreckage of Vickers Wellington Mk.IC L7867 in Bealach Dubh

10th December 1942
Wellington Mk.IC L7867
No.28 OTU, RAF
Geal-charn, Inverness-shire

The crew, from B Flight of No.20 OTU, were on a day navigation training flight from RAF Lossiemouth. The planned route was from base to a point some 30 miles … Continue reading “1942-12-10|Wellington Mk.IC|L7867|No.28 OTU, RAF|Geal-charn, Inverness-shire”

Small fragments of wreckage at the crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III BK405 at Boylestone, Derbyshire

11th January 1943
Wellington Mk.III BK405
No.27 OTU, RAF
Boylestone, Derbyshire

It would appear that aircraft being airborne from Church Broughton for some 15 minutes on a Circuits and Landings exercise that the aircraft’s port engine failed, the pupil pilot inadvertently … Continue reading “1943-01-11|Wellington Mk.III|BK405|No.27 OTU, RAF|Boylestone, Derbyshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III X3348 on Blackden Edge, Kinder Scout, Edale

26th January 1943
Wellington Mk.III X3348
No.427 Sqn, RCAF
Blackden Edge, Kinder

The crew were detailed to attack the French port of Lorient, taking off at 16:51 with a bomb load of 3,240lb of indendiary bombs in nine 360lb clusters. While returning … Continue reading “1943-01-26|Wellington Mk.III|X3348|No.427 Sqn, RCAF|Blackden Edge, Kinder”

The crash site of R1011 during late summer 2012 (that is if we'd had a summer in 2012).

30th January 1943
Wellington Mk.IC R1011
No.28 OTU, RAF
Birchen Bank Moss, Bleaklow

The crew were one of seven from No.28 OTU taking part in a Bullseye exercise from Wymeswold and the unit’s satellite airfield of Castle Donington (which is now in use … Continue reading “1943-01-30|Wellington Mk.IC|R1011|No.28 OTU, RAF|Birchen Bank Moss, Bleaklow”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.IC R1538 on farmland near Dilhorne, Staffordshire

30th January 1943
Wellington Mk.IC R1538
No.28 OTU, RAF
Dilhorne, Staffordshire

This aircraft had taken off at 19:00 on the 29th January Wymeswold airfield near Loughborough, five other aircraft took off regular intervals around the same time, and a sixth aircraft … Continue reading “1943-01-30|Wellington Mk.IC|R1538|No.28 OTU, RAF|Dilhorne, Staffordshire”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington X3941 near Darley Dale, Matlock, Derbyshire

30th January 1943
Wellington Mk.III X3941
No.27 OTU, RAF
Nr Darley Dale, Matlock

The crew were taking part in Bullseye exercise from RAF Church Broughton, near Derby. The exercise involved aircraft from both No.27 and No.28 Operational Training Units, with all the aircraft … Continue reading “1943-01-30|Wellington Mk.III|X3941|No.27 OTU, RAF|Nr Darley Dale, Matlock”

Crash Site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III BK241 near Church Broughton, Derbyshire

3rd February 1943
Wellington Mk.III BK241
No.27 OTU, RAF
Nr Derby, Derbyshire

The crew were on a cross country exercise from Church Broughton near Derby, while close to the airfield control of the aircraft was lost and it spun into the ground … Continue reading “1943-02-03|Wellington Mk.III|BK241|No.27 OTU, RAF|Nr Derby, Derbyshire”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III BJ778 on Black Intake Moor, North Yorkshire

12th February 1943
Wellington Mk.III BJ778
No.427 Sqn, RCAF
Black Intake Moor, Chop Gate

Wellington Mk.III BJ778 ZL-A of No.427 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force flew into Black Intake Moor whilst returning from a raid against La Havre in France on the 12th February 1943   Oscar Philip Edwin Ronald J. Adlam Sergeant Pilot Killed Bryan Dunn Flying Officer Navigator Killed Arnold Charles Clifford Sergeant Bomb Aimer Killed William … Continue reading “1943-02-12|Wellington Mk.III|BJ778|No.427 Sqn, RCAF|Black Intake Moor, Chop Gate”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington HE466 on Foel Grach in the Carneddau area of Snowdonia

12th February 1943
Wellington Mk.X HE466
No.30 OTU, RAF
Foel Grach, Conwy

The crew of Wellington HE466 were on a cross country navigation training flight from RAF Hixon near Stafford when they flew into the north eastern side of Foel Grach in … Continue reading “1943-02-12|Wellington Mk.X|HE466|No.30 OTU, RAF|Foel Grach, Conwy”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III HF613 at Peakshole Water between Hope and Castleton, Derbyshire

15th February 1943
Wellington Mk.III HF613
No.22 OTU, RAF
Nr Hope, Derbyshire

The aircraft took off during the mid-morning of the 15th February 1943 from Wellesbourne Mountford near Stratford upon Avon for a cross country flight.  At just after 13:00 the aircraft … Continue reading “1943-02-15|Wellington Mk.III|HF613|No.22 OTU, RAF|Nr Hope, Derbyshire”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III BK508 near Church Broughton, Derbyshire

4th April 1943
Wellington Mk.III BK508
No.27 OTU, RAF
Radbourne, Derbyshire

The aircraft which had been on a test flight from Church Broughton was on the down wind leg of its approach with the under carriage down for landing when the … Continue reading “1943-04-04|Wellington Mk.III|BK508|No.27 OTU, RAF|Radbourne, Derbyshire”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III DF611 at Newhaven between Buxton and AShbourne, Derbyshire

10th April 1943
Wellington Mk.III DF611
No.30 OTU, RAF
Newhaven, Derbyshire

The crew of DF611 took off from Seighford for an infrared bombing exercise at 04:50, a hour into the flight the aircraft’s engines lost power.  The pilot, Sergeant Ronald Jones … Continue reading “1943-04-10|Wellington Mk.III|DF611|No.30 OTU, RAF|Newhaven, Derbyshire”

Vickers Wellington Mk.X at the Royal Air Force Museum

2nd June 1943
Wellington Mk.IC DV732
No.11 OTU, RAF
Nr Eyam, Derbyshire

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III DV678 at Chatsworth Park near Bakewell, Derbyshire

11th June 1943
Wellington Mk.IC DV678
No.14 OTU, RAF
Chatsworth, Bakewell

While flying at 6700ft on a day cross country flight from RAF Cottesmore both engines began to mis-fire, though the main failure was in the Port engine,and the pilot could … Continue reading “1943-06-11|Wellington Mk.IC|DV678|No.14 OTU, RAF|Chatsworth, Bakewell”

Memorial plaque near the crash site of Vickers Wellington HZ251 at Low Bradley, Skipton, North Yorkshire

23rd September 1943
Wellington Mk.XI HZ251
Low Bradley, Skipton

The crew of HZ251 had flown a cross country navigation exercise on the 22nd September from their home station at RAF Silloth in Cumbria, they landed at RAF Skipton-on-Swale near … Continue reading “1943-09-23|Wellington Mk.XI|HZ251|No.6 OTU, RAF|Low Bradley, Skipton”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.IC DV435 near Belper, Derbyshire

24th November 1943
Wellington Mk.IC DV435
No.14 OTU, RAF
Belper, Derbyshire

The aircraft had taken off at 16:50 for a Bullseye exercise, just short of 4.5 hours later the aircraft was abandoned by its crew due to severe icing conditions causing … Continue reading “1943-11-24|Wellington Mk.IC|DV435|No.14 OTU, RAF|Belper, Derbyshire”

memorial close to the crash site of Vickers Wellington BK387, Oakworth, Yorkshire

2nd January 1944
Wellington Mk.III BK387
No.82 OTU, RAF
Oakworth, West Yorkshire

The crew were buried at Stonefall Cemetery on the edge of Harrogate, the last resting place of over 1,000 UK and Commonwealth airmen who were killed while on active service … Continue reading “1944-01-02|Wellington Mk.III|BK387|No.82 OTU, RAF|Oakworth, West Yorkshire”

Memorial Plaque in memory of the crew of Wellington BJ652 in Middleton by Youlgreave, Derbyshire

21st January 1944
Wellington Mk.III BJ652
No.27 OTU, RAF
Smerrill, Youlgreave

The crew of 6 Australians were flying a 3.5 hour night cross country flight from RAF Church Broughton near Derby, a satellite to No.27 OTU’s main base at Lichfield. Their … Continue reading “1944-01-21|Wellington Mk.III|BJ652|No.27 OTU, RAF|Smerrill, Youlgreave”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III BK347 on Whernside, North Yorkshire.

21st April 1944
Wellington Mk.III BK347
No.30 OTU, RAF
Whernside, North Yorkshire

The aircraft appears in a photograph that is published in numerous books carrying the unit code BT-Z, however at the time of the crash the aircraft was carrying the code … Continue reading “1944-04-21|Wellington Mk.III|BK347|No.30 OTU, RAF|Whernside, North Yorkshire”

Memorial in the churchyard at Mayfield Parish Church, dedicated to the crew of Vickers Wellington Mk.X LP397

13th June 1944
Wellington Mk.X LP397
No.28 OTU, RAF
Mayfield, Staffordshire

The crash occurred while the aircraft was on a cross country exercise from Castle Donington, about 25 minutes after it took off it entered a thunderstorm, shortly afterwards the aircraft … Continue reading “1944-06-13|Wellington Mk.X|LP397|No.28 OTU, RAF|Mayfield, Staffordshire”

The crash site of Vickers Wellington MF584 near Marchington, Staffordshire

18th July 1944
Wellington Mk.X MF584
No.27 OTU, RAF
Marchington, Staffordshire

The crew were carrying out a bombing exercise over Cannock Chase, having taken off from RAF Lichfield at 18:30. While at 9000 feet above Cannock Chase a severe vibration developed … Continue reading “1944-07-18|Wellington Mk.X|MF584|No.27 OTU, RAF|Marchington, Staffordshire”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III HF816 on An Lurg, Cairngorms

14th August 1944
Wellington Mk.III HF816
No.20 OTU, RAF
An Lurg, Inverness-shire

On the night of the 14th August 1944 Pilot Officer Paterson and his crew were briefed to carry out a cross country navigation training flight from RAF Lossiemouth. Having taken … Continue reading “1944-08-14|Wellington Mk.III|HF816|No.20 OTU, RAF|An Lurg, Inverness-shire”

Wreckage scattered about the crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.XIII MF174 on South Barrule, Isle of Man

22nd December 1944
Wellington Mk.XIII MF174
South Barrule

The aircraft had taken off from RAF Shawbury in Shropshire at 11:23 for a navigation exercise.  The aircraft should have returned to Shawbury at around 16:00.  The aircraft reached the … Continue reading “1944-12-22|Wellington Mk.XIII|MF174|EANS, RAF|South Barrule”

Wreckage at the crash site of Wellington HE226, Bycliffe, Conistone, Wharfedale, Yorkshire

28th May 1945
Wellington Mk.X HE226
No.17 OTU, RAF
Bycliffe Moor, North Yorkshire

Wellington Mk.X HE226 of No.17 OTU crashed on Bycliffe Moor near Conistone in Wharfedale, North Yorkshire on the 28th May 1945 whilst on a cross country flight from Turweston   Edward Cyril Cole Warrant Officer Pilot Killed James Mann Sergeant Navigator Killed Arthur John Griffiths Flight Sergeant Bomb Aimer Killed John Duncan Sergeant Wireless Op. … Continue reading “1945-05-28|Wellington Mk.X|HE226|No.17 OTU, RAF|Bycliffe Moor, North Yorkshire”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.XIII NC611 at Trusley, Derbyshire

25th June 1946
Wellington Mk.XIII NC661
RAF Shawbury
Trusley, Derbyshire

At 13:30 on the 25th June 1946 NC661 took off on a cross country flight, after only 40 minutes in the air the aircraft suffered failure of the starboard engine … Continue reading “1946-06-25|Wellington Mk.XIII|NC661|RAF Shawbury|Trusley, Derbyshire”

Small pieces of wreckage found at the crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.10 MF627 on Rod Moor, Sheffield

22nd October 1952
Wellington T. Mk.10 MF627
Rod Moor, Sheffield

Vickers Wellington T. Mk.10 MF627 of No. 6 Air Navigation School RAF, crashed on Rod Moor near Sheffield on the 22nd October 1952 whilst on a night navigation exercise from RAF Lichfield   Reginald Keith Sergeant Pilot OK David Edward Ward Pilot Officer Navigator (u/t) Injured John Brian Sunley Thirkell Pilot Officer Navigator (u/t) OK … Continue reading “1952-10-22|Wellington T. Mk.10|MF627|No.6 ANS, RAF|Rod Moor, Sheffield”