Wellington Mk.III DF611 / W of 30 OTU crashed on the 10th April 1943 while apparently attempting to force land due to loss of power near the village of Newhaven on the Buxton to Ashborne road

Vickers Wellington Mk.X at the Royal Air Force Museum


Ronald Albert Jones Sergeant Pilot Killed
John Scott Spencer Sergeant Navigator Killed
Gilbert Kenneth Parsons Sergeant Bomb aimer Killed
J Douglas Flight Sergeant Air Gunner Injured
Ronald James Perrin Flight Sergeant Wireless Operator Injured


The crew of DF611 took off from Seighford for an infrared bombing exercise at 04:50, a hour into the flight the aircraft’s engines lost power.  The pilot, Sergeant Ronald Jones attempted to land the aircraft in a field along side the Buxton to Ashbourne road but touched down too far into the field. The aircraft travelled on its wheels until striking the wall at the edge of the field, crossed the main road and ploughed through the wall into the field beyond where the aircraft caught fire killing three of the crew.

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III DF611 at Newhaven between Buxton and AShbourne, Derbyshire
A view of the crash site of DF611, the aircraft first impacted behind where this photo was taken and came to a halt in the centre of the picture.