Vickers Wellington Mk.IC T2715 of No.25 OTU, crashed on Dufton Fell near Appleby in Westmoreland on the 20th August 1942 while on a night cross country exercise from Finningley

Vickers Wellington Mk.X at the Royal Air Force Museum


Basil Glynn Crew Sergeant RCAF Pilot Injured
? ? Bomb Aimer Injured
? ? Navigator Injured
? ? Wireless Operator Injured
? ? Air Gunner Injured


From all of the available records only the pilot’s name has ever been found. Sgt Crew was latter commissioned and became a Squadron Leader before being killed on the 5th January 1945 while flying Halifax Mk.III NR257 (ZL-Y) of No.427 Sqn RCAF.

The sister ship to this aircraft, T2714, crashed in the Lake District in February 1942.

Wreckage at the crash site of Vickers Wellington T2715 on Dufton Fell, Appleby, Cumbria
A general view of part of the crash site. Not much of the aircraft remains, it is mostly small fragments, although some larger parts do remain.