Vickers Wellington Mk.X MF584 of No.27 OTU, crashed near to Marchington, 3 miles SE of Uttoxeter on the 18th July 1944

Vickers Wellington Mk.X at the Royal Air Force Museum


John Sutherland Walker Flight Sergeant RAAF Pilot Uninjured
John Strange East Pilot Officer RAAF Navigator Uninjured
Joseph Arthur Barnard Sergeant RAAF Bomb Aimer Injured
Harry Kearsley Chamberlain Flight Sergeant RAAF Wireless Operator / Air Gunner Uninjured
Brian Joseph Mordecai Sergeant RAAF Air Gunner Uninjured


The crew were carrying out a bombing exercise over Cannock Chase, having taken off from RAF Lichfield at 18:30. While at 9000 feet above Cannock Chase a severe vibration developed from the starboard engine. Shortly after this a blade from the propeller on that engine broke off. The vibration continued and that engine also fell off.

The crew then abandoned the aircraft with the pilot holding it as level as possible with only one engine and the large weight imbalance on the port side. Once all of the crew were clear the pilot donned his parachute and left the aircraft which entered a turn to port and dived into the ground shortly afterwards near the village of Marchington.

The cause of the propeller failure was thought to be due to a large section from one of the blades snapping off causing the eventual break up of the whole airscrew and engine.

The crash site of Vickers Wellington MF584 near Marchington, Staffordshire
A general view of part of the crash site. Not much of the aircraft remains, there are a few small fragments laying about though.
The site was excavated in the early 90’s during which time virtually the entire aircraft (albeit very bent) was recovered.