Wellington Mk.IC DV810 of No.21 OTU crashed 9th December 1942 on Broomhead Moor

Vickers Wellington Mk.X at the Royal Air Force Museum


Stanley Baker Pilot Officer Pilot (Instructor) OK
Anthony St Clair Turner Flight Sergeant RAAF Pilot Injured
Donald Norman Dawson Flight Sergeant RAAF Navigator Injured
Ronald Douglas Weeks Sergeant RAAF Bomb Aimer Injured
Walter Samuel Sinclair Flight Sergeant RAAF Wireless Operator / Air Gunner OK
Alan Gordon Allwright Sergeant Wireless Operator Injured


The weather on the 9th December 1942 was typical for that time of year, low cloud, strong winds and rain, it was into this inhospitable climate that the crew of Wellington DV810 were sent, the purpose being a night cross country navigation exercise.  The navigator had thought the aircraft had reached its final waypoint and gave a bearing to return to Edge Hill, shortly after the wireless operator heard the warning signal emitted by barrage balloons, P/O Baker took over the controls of the aircraft and turned north to see if they left the area defended by balloons and then to the south but they were still over a built up area.  He decided to fly on a easterly heading until they were over the east coast and would descend below the cloud and turn back west.  The crew flew east for twenty minutes which was the time it was estimated should take them back over the North Sea. As they descended the pilot turned the aircraft back west, as the aircraft dropped through 1,200ft it emerged from cloud.  Pilot Officer Baker could see what looked like more cloud beneath him so turned on the aircraft’s landing lamp, the view below did similar to cloud so he turned the light off.  Shortly after there was a loud bang and the port engine erupted into flames, the apparent cloud they had seen was probably the high ground of Whitwell Moor.  P/O managed to crash land the aircraft just up the moor from where the first impact was made, all those on board got out safely before the aircraft was soon consumed by fire.

A Sgt Morgan has also been listed as being onboard the aircraft but the official documents which are currently available do not list him.

Wreckage at the crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.IC DV810 on Broomhead Moor near Langsett, South Yorkshire
The small collection of wreckage from DV810 on Broomhead Moor.
Crash site of Vickers Wellington DV810 on Broomhead Moor, South Yorkshire
The crash site in 2018 is severely depleted, a number of items previously seen at the site have been noted on ebay listed being from other aircraft types, presumably to both deceive potential buyers as well as disguising the origin of parts.
Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.IC DV810 on Broomhead Moor near Langsett, South Yorkshire
The area where the aircraft burned out can be seen in the foreground of this photograph.