Auster J1 Autocrat G-ALUE, crashed on Axe Edge Moor on the 20th September 1952

Auster Mk.III


Kenneth Stockfis Mr Pilot Survived
Charles Kitchen Mr Passenger Survived


The two men, both from the Stockport area had flown the aircraft from Barton (where the aircraft was registered to Light Planes (Lancashire) Ltd) to Lympne in Kent. They were making the return trip on Saturday 20th September, they encountered low cloud over the hills and struck the moorland between Axe Edge and the A54 and over turned. The aircraft was fairly intact although the engine cowling was crushed and the starboard wing torn backwards.

Mr Stockfis and Kitchen attempted to find help but with no clear idea of their whereabouts wandered round on the moor, they did find a deep gully which they tried to cross but gave up after becoming very wet and muddy. They eventually arrived back at their aircraft and sheltered in it over night. The following morning they made their way off the moor to Orchard Farm

A number of people remembered the aircraft, including one who also witnessed the crash of Vampire VV602 nearly 2 years later, but so far the crash site has not been located.