Avro Avian G-EBVZ Crash Site Map

25th March 1928
Avian G-EBVZ
Stalybridge, Greater Manchester

Arrangements had been made for an aircraft from the Lancashire Aero Club, which at that time was at Woodford aerodrome, to fly Mr Browning (a member of the Club) and … Continue reading “1928-03-25|Avian|G-EBVZ|Civil|Stalybridge, Greater Manchester”

de Havilland DH60X Cirrus Moth

14th May 1931
DH-60M Moth G-AAJX
National Flying Services Ltd
Matley, Hyde

DH60M G-AAJX was owned by National Flying Services at Hanworth Park in West London. On the 14th May 1931 it was being flown to Stanley Park airfield at Blackpool by … Continue reading “1931-05-14|DH-60M Moth|G-AAJX|National Flying Services Ltd|Matley, Hyde”

Crash site of Desoutter G-AAPZ near Meerbrook, Leek, Staffordshire

30th November 1933
Desoutter G-AAPZ
National Flying Services
Meerbrook, Leek

The pilot had attempted to land the aircraft in a long field running uphill, though possibly touched down late, the aircraft had not slowed much by the time it came … Continue reading “1933-11-30|Desoutter|G-AAPZ|National Flying Services|Meerbrook, Leek”

Crash site of de Havilland DH60X Cirrus Moth on Burbage Edge near Buxton

11th October 1934
Burbage Edge, Buxton

For many years it had been thought that a much earlier aircraft had come to grief on Burbage Edge, this being a DH-10 but this has now been proved not … Continue reading “1934-10-11|DH60X Moth|G-EBWA|Civil|Burbage Edge, Buxton”

23rd November 1934
DH80A Puss Moth G-AAZN
Bradnop, Leek

The 24 year old owner, and pilot, of the aircraft was flying from Southampton to Barton Aerodrome near Manchester when he encountered thick fog. While flying in these low visibility … Continue reading “1934-11-23|DH80A Puss Moth|G-AAZN|Civil|Bradnop, Leek”

Wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Dragon G-ADEE on Fairsnape Fell, Bleasdale, Lancashire

26th October 1935
Dragon G-ADEE
Railway Air Services
Bleasdale, Lancashire

The aircraft was being flown from Liverpool’s Speke airport to Ronaldsway on the Isle of Man via Blackpool.  The aircraft had taken off at around 11:35 from Speke for the … Continue reading “1935-10-26|Dragon|G-ADEE|Railway Air Services|Bleasdale, Lancashire”

Crash site of de Havilland Moth G-ACGD on Broad Law, Scottish Border

26th September 1936
DH60G Moth Major G-ACGD
Broadlaw, Borders

The two men had taken off from a private aerodrome at Macmerry between Tranent and Haddington in East Lothian in an aircraft owned by the Edinburgh Flying Club, who used … Continue reading “1936-09-26|DH60G Moth Major|G-ACGD|Civil|Broadlaw, Borders”

The view towards Clatteringshaws Loch from the crash site of Dragonfly G-AEHC

2nd February 1937
Dragonfly G-AEHC
London Express Newspapers Ltd
Darnaw, Dumfries & Galloway

The Croydon based aircraft was being used to prove a safe air route from Renfrew to Speke under the sponsorship (and ownership) of the Daily Express in an unofficial response … Continue reading “1937-02-02|Dragonfly|G-AEHC|London Express Newspapers Ltd|Darnaw, Dumfries & Galloway”

Wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Dragon Rapide G-AERE on Ettersgill Common, Teesdale, County Durham

20th June 1939
Dragon Rapide G-AERE
British American Air Services
Ettersgill, County Durham

British American Air Services had been chartered to provide an aircraft to fly John Crouch, a jockey retained to ride horses belonging to HM King George VI, from Heston in … Continue reading “1939-06-20|Dragon Rapide|G-AERE|British American Air Services|Ettersgill, County Durham”

Wooden marker placed close to the crash site of Consolidated Liberator AM915 on Arinarach Hill near Campbeltown

1st September 1941
Liberator Mk.I AM915
Arinarach Hill, Kintyre

The crash occurred while the aircraft was on the final leg of its journey from Montreal with a number of passengers bound for the UK.  They were a mix of … Continue reading “1941-09-01|Liberator Mk.I|AM915|BOAC|Arinarach Hill, Kintyre”

Wreckage found at the crash site of de Havilland Dragon Rapide G-AFFF on Craigton Hill, Milngavie, East Dunbartonshire

27th September 1946
Dragon Rapide G-AFFF
Scottish Airways
Craigton Hill, East Dunbartonshire

The aircraft was on a scheduled flight from Port Ellen (Islay) to Renfrew airport operated by Scottish Airways on behalf of British European Airways, having completed the outward flight earlier … Continue reading “1946-09-27|Dragon Rapide|G-AFFF|Scottish Airways|Craigton Hill, East Dunbartonshire”

Handley Page Halifax C. Mk.8 G-AIHU

5th December 1947
Halifax C. Mk.8 G-AIHU
Lancashire Aircraft Corporation
Cwm Mountain, Denbighshire

The aircraft, an ex-RAF (although it had only flown 12 hours 40 minutes in their ownership) Halifax that had been converted for freight use, had been flown by its crew, … Continue reading “1947-12-05|Halifax C. Mk.8|G-AIHU|Lancashire Aircraft Corporation|Cwm Mountain, Denbighshire”

Undercarriage wreckage at the crash site of Handley Page Halifax G-AJNZ on Cronk ny Arrey Laa

28th September 1948
Halifax C. Mk.8 G-AJNZ
World Air Freight
Cronk ny Arrey Laa, Port Erin

The aircraft was flying the last of six round trips from Speke, Liverpool, to Nutts Corner, Northern Ireland, it was scheduled to make during the 27th/28th September.  The aircraft had … Continue reading “1948-09-28|Halifax C. Mk.8|G-AJNZ|World Air Freight|Cronk ny Arrey Laa, Port Erin”

Crash site of Douglas Dakota G-AHCY at Wimberry Stones, Greenfield

19th August 1949
Dakota G-AHCY
British European Airways
Wimberry Stones, Greenfield

The aircraft had been built for the RAF and carried the serial number KG348, it had also been issued with a USAAF serial when it was built, this was 42-92543. … Continue reading “1949-08-19|Dakota|G-AHCY|British European Airways|Wimberry Stones, Greenfield”

Crash site of Fairchild Argus G-AJSA near Abington, South Lanarkshire

7th April 1950
Argus G-AJSA
Plymouth Aero Club
Abington, South Lanarkshire

The aircraft was registered to the Plymouth Aero Club and had been chartered to fly to Turnhouse at Edinburgh. Having completed the flight to Turnhouse Mr Roberts, a member and … Continue reading “1950-04-07|Argus|G-AJSA|Plymouth Aero Club|Abington, South Lanarkshire”

Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah engine at the crash site of Airspeed Consul (Oxford) TF-RPM on Crow Stone Edge, Howden Moors

12th April 1951
Consul TF-RPM
Icelandic Airline
Crow Stone Edge, Howden Moors

The aircraft was being ferried from Croydon to Iceland via Liverpool and Prestwick.  The crew became disorientated in cloud and flew into high ground. The aircraft was built as an … Continue reading “1951-04-12|Consul|TF-RPM|Icelandic Airline|Crow Stone Edge, Howden Moors”

Crash site of Douglas Dakota St Kevin, EI-AFL, in Cwm Edno, Dolwyddelan, Conwy

10th January 1952
Dakota EI-AFL
Aer Lingus
Cwm Edno, Conwy

EI-AFL had taken off from Northolt in London on a scheduled passenger service to Dublin with twenty passengers and three crew onboard. The flight took off from Northolt at 17:25 … Continue reading “1952-01-10|Dakota|EI-AFL|Aer Lingus|Cwm Edno, Conwy”

Wreckage at the crash site of Miles Hawk G-ALGJ on Lank Rigg in the Lake District

22nd July 1952
Hawk Trainer Mk.3 G-ALGJ
Lank Rigg, Cleator Moor

The pilot, and owner of the aircraft since it was first registered after release from RAF surplus in 1949, was flying the aircraft from Blackpool to Carlisle when he entered … Continue reading “1952-07-22|Hawk Trainer Mk.3|G-ALGJ|Civil|Lank Rigg, Cleator Moor”

Auster Mk.III

20th September 1952
Auster J1 Autocrat G-ALUE
Axe Edge Moor, Buxton

The two men, both from the Stockport area had flown the aircraft from Barton (where the aircraft was registered to Light Planes (Lancashire) Ltd) to Lympne in Kent. They were … Continue reading “1952-09-20|Auster J1 Autocrat|G-ALUE|Civil|Axe Edge Moor, Buxton”

Wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Dragon Rapide G-AFMF on Simonburn Common, Hexham, Northumberland

19th February 1954
Dragon Rapide G-AFMF
Oldstead Aircraft
Simonburn Common, Northumberland

The aircraft, which was operated from Sunderland as a private charter aircraft, was being flown from Wolsington (Newcastle Airport) to Dublin with the Durham University Amateur Boxing team as passengers. … Continue reading “1954-02-19|Dragon Rapide|G-AFMF|Oldstead Aircraft|Simonburn Common, Northumberland”

Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp engine at the crash site of B-26B 8811-B on Distinkhorn, South Lanarkshire

13th August 1956
B-26B 8811-B
French Air Force
Distinkhorn, South Lanarkshire

The aircraft was being flown from the US via Iceland and Prestwick to France by two civilian pilots for delivery to the French Air Force, in whose markings the aircraft … Continue reading “1956-08-13|B-26B| 8811-B|French Air Force|Distinkhorn, South Lanarkshire”

Miles Hawk G-AJSF before it crashed

29th July 1957
Hawk Trainer Mk.3 G-AJSF
Blackpool & Fylde Aero Club
Kinder Low End

Miles Hawk Trainer Mk.3 G-AJSF, flew into Kinder Low End on the 29th July 1957 whilst flying from Squires Gate, Blackpool, to Barton aerodrome in west Manchester, the flight should have lasted only 15 minutes but a 30 knot tail wind caused the aircraft to overshoot its destination in cloud   William Warburton Hall Mr … Continue reading “1957-07-29|Hawk Trainer Mk.3|G-AJSF|Blackpool & Fylde Aero Club|Kinder Low End”

Bristol 170 Freighter / Wayfarer G-AICS

27th February 1958
Bristol Freighter G-AICS
Silver City Airways
Winter Hill, Lancashire

Edward Partington died in Bolton Royal Infirmary shortly after the crash as a result of the injuries he had suffered in the crash.

Wreckage at the crash site of Precival Prentice G-AOLR in the Kilsyth Hills

30th July 1961
Prentice Mk.1 G-AOLR
Kilsyth Hills, North Lanarkshire

The aircraft was being flown to Renfrew Airport, on the southern edge of Glasgow, from Biggin Hill in Kent. On arriving in the Glasgow area the weather conditions were poor … Continue reading “1961-07-30|Prentice Mk.1|G-AOLR|Civil|Kilsyth Hills, North Lanarkshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Daktoa G-AMVC on Croglin Fell, Penrith, Cumbria

17th October 1961
Dakota G-AMVC
BKS Air Transport Ltd
Croglin Fell, Cumbria

The aircraft and crew were all based at Yeadon, Captin Mose was BKS Air Transport’s senior pilot at the airfield. The aircraft had been chartered to fly a party of … Continue reading “1961-10-17|Dakota|G-AMVC|BKS Air Transport Ltd|Croglin Fell, Cumbria”

Wreckage at the crash site of Auster Workmaster G-APMJ on Dungeon Hill near Glen Trool, Dumfries and Galloway

18th October 1963
Auster J/1U Workmaster G-APMJ
Dungeon Hill, Dumfries & Galloway

The aircraft was owned by Cumberland Aviation Services at Carlisle airport and was being used by a member of the flying club there to fly to Macrihanish near Campbeltown. The … Continue reading “1963-10-18|Auster J/1U Workmaster|G-APMJ|Civil|Dungeon Hill, Dumfries & Galloway”

Crash site of de Havilland Dragon Rapide G-ALBC on Kinder Scout near Edale, Derbyshire

30th December 1963
Dragon Rapide G-ALBC
Solair Flying Services
Edale Moor, Kinder

de Havilland Dragon Rapide G-ALBC, Crashed near the summit of Kinder Scout on the 30th December 1963 when the aircraft was caught by a down draught while flying from Middle St George (now Teeside airport) to Ringway   Dennis Holmes Captain Pilot Injured John McWhirter Mr Co-pilot Injured  

Pieces of wreckage near Esk Hause, Esk Dale, at the crash site of Piper Cherokee G-ASEK

17th September 1966
Cherokee G-ASEK
Esk Hause, Eskdale

The pilot and passenger were on a pleasure flight from Milfield in Northumberland, having taken off at 09:55 on the 17th September 1966.  They had flown out over Carlisle and … Continue reading “1966-09-17|Cherokee|G-ASEK|Civil|Esk Hause, Eskdale”

Crash site of Jodel DR250 G-AVIV on Carnedd Dafydd, Conwy

22nd August 1969
Jodel DR250 G-AVIV
Staverton Flying School Ltd
Carnedd Dafydd, Conwy

The aircraft had been hired by a member of the flying club at Staverton between Cheltenham & Gloucester to fly to Dublin with a passenger on a business trip. Originally … Continue reading “1969-08-22|Jodel DR250|G-AVIV|Staverton Flying School Ltd|Carnedd Dafydd, Conwy”

Wing at the crash site of Piper Cherokee G-AVYN at Ashfold Gill Head near Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire

23rd September 1969
Cherokee G-AVYN
Ashfold Gill Head, North Yorkshire

Piper Cherokee G-AVYN crashed at Ashfold Gill Head near Pateley Bridge on the 23rd September 1969 Anthony Peter Teare Mr Pilot Killed  

Wreckage close to the crash site of Piper Cherokee G-AZYP on Illgill Head above Wastwater, Wasdale

25th March 1973
Cherokee G-AZYP
Illgill Head, Wasdale

On the 24th March 1973 a party of 20 set out from Blackpool in six aircraft to Kirkbride on the Solway coast of Cumbria to attend a social gathering at … Continue reading “1973-03-25|Cherokee|G-AZYP|Civil|Illgill Head, Wasdale”

Crash site of Cessna 337 G-ATNY on Moel Siabod, Dolwyddelan, Conwy

8th June 1979
Cessna 337 G-ATNY
Ron Webster (Midlands) Ltd
Moel Siabod, Conwy

The aircraft had been hired to fly from Coventry Airport at Baginton to Ronaldsway on the Isle of Man. The pilot planned a VFR flight and was to fly via … Continue reading “1979-06-08|Cessna 337|G-ATNY|Ron Webster (Midlands) Ltd|Moel Siabod, Conwy”

Crash site of Cessna G-BFRP on Broadlee Bank Tor above Edale

25th October 1983
Cessna 150 G-BFRP
Broadlee Bank Tor, Edale

The aircraft was being used for a night training flight from Manchester Airport with a student pilot and an instructor onboard. Most of the planned flight had been accomplished and … Continue reading “1983-10-25|Cessna 150|G-BFRP|Civil|Broadlee Bank Tor, Edale”

13th May 1984
Bell 206B Jetranger G-NORM
Norman Bailey Helicopters
Nr. Parwich, Ashbourne

Memorial at the crash site of Piper Cherokee G-AZSE on Sheabhal, Isle of Barra

16th June 1984
Cherokee G-AZSE
Sheabhal, Isle of Barra

The aircraft was being used for a private flight from Dyce Airport at Aberdeen to Barra where two of the people onboard had business appointments. After passing over the Tiree … Continue reading “1984-06-16|Cherokee|G-AZSE|Civil|Sheabhal, Isle of Barra”

Wreckage below the crash site of Cessna 206 Skylane EI-BGK on the lower slopes of Beinn an Leathaid, Ardnamurchan

16th June 1989
Cessna 206D Skylane EI-BGK
Beinn an Leathaid, Inverness-shire

The aircraft’s pilot ran a business transporting shellfish from Scotland to customers in the rest of Europe. It was during such a flight from Benbecula to Glasgow carrying a cargo … Continue reading “1989-06-16|Cessna 206D Skylane|EI-BGK|Civil|Beinn an Leathaid, Inverness-shire”

Crash site of Hawker Hunter T. Mk.7 G-BTYL (XL595) on Broomhead Moor, South Yorkshire

11th June 1993
Hunter T. Mk.7 G-BTYL
Cubitt Aviation
Broomhead Moor, Bradfield

The owner of the aircraft, a commercial pilot with over 5,500 hours of experience, normally flew from Foulsham, in Norfolk, but kept G-BTYL at RAF Coltishall as there were better … Continue reading “1993-06-11|Hunter T. Mk.7|G-BTYL|Cubitt Aviation|Broomhead Moor, Bradfield”

Crash site of Pierre Robin R1180TD G-CRAN at Staden Industrial Estate, Buxton

14th June 1996
R1180TD Aiglon G-CRAN
Staden, Buxton

Mr Smith was flying two of his daughters and one of their friends around the Buxton area, the occasion was the 11th birthday of his daughter Mary.  The aircraft was … Continue reading “1996-06-14|R1180TD Aiglon|G-CRAN|Civil|Staden, Buxton”

24th October 1997
Bell 206B Jetranger G-ODIL
Yorkshire Helicopter Centre
William Clough, Kinder

Memorial cairn and plaque at the crash site of Cessna 152 G-BNGD

21st December 1997
Cessna 152 G-BNGD
Barholm Hill, Dumfries & Galloway

The aircraft, which was owned by AV Aviation was leased to the flying club at Carlisle, who in turn had sub-leased it to Prestwick Flying Club, had been at Carlisle … Continue reading “1997-12-21|Cessna 152|G-BNGD|Civil|Barholm Hill, Dumfries & Galloway”

Memorial commemorating Fiona McWilliam on Moel Sych near the crash site of Cessna G-BXLJ

12th February 1999
Cessna 172M G-BXLJ
Moel Sych, Powys

The aircraft had been hired from Welshpool airfield by Mr Newton, as he had not flown for nearly 11 weeks he was required by the owner, who required flight experience … Continue reading “1999-02-12|Cessna 172M|G-BXLJ|Civil|Moel Sych, Powys”

Crash site of Flight Design CTSW G-CFAZ on Saddleworth Moor, Oldham

9th October 2008
Flight Design CTSW G-CFAZ
Saddleworth Moor, Oldham

The aircraft, which was registered as a microlight and owned by a consortium, was being flown from Barton to Shacklewell Lodge in Rutland when it dived into the moorland after … Continue reading “2008-10-09|Flight Design CTSW|G-CFAZ|Civil|Saddleworth Moor, Oldham”

Wreckage of Cessna 152 G-BJKY on Ingleborough, Yorkshire - Crash Site

21st March 2011
Cessna 152 G-BJKY
Ingleborough, North Yorkshire

Normally we wouldn’t cover very recent crashes but as remarkably both occupants of this aircraft survived, albeit with injuries, and the site is likely to change before long I have … Continue reading “2011-03-21|Cessna 152|G-BJKY|Westair|Ingleborough, North Yorkshire”