Lockheed P-38F Lightning 41-7669 of the 14th Fighter Group crashed at Cliviger near Burnley on the 1st September 1942


Lyle L. Williams 2nd Lieutenant Pilot Killed


The pilot was on a non-operational interception training flight from Atcham near Shrewsbury when he was seen flying at low level in the Burnley area. Shortly after the aircraft struck a patch of trees on a hill above the village of Cliviger while in a tight turn. The aircraft immediately began to disintegrate as it lost height down the side of the hill and eventually crashed into a disused quarry near the bottom. The pilot had been thrown clear of the cockpit and was found in the field immediately above the main crash site.

Crash site of P-38F 41-7669 near Burnley, Lancashire
This photograph shows the hillside into which the aircraft eventually crashed. A couple of tiny pieces were found here in 2003.