Wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Dragon G-ADEE on Fairsnape Fell, Bleasdale, Lancashire

26th October 1935
Dragon G-ADEE
Railway Air Services
Bleasdale, Lancashire

The aircraft was being flown from Liverpool’s Speke airport to Ronaldsway on the Isle of Man via Blackpool.  The aircraft had taken off at around 11:35 from Speke for the … Continue reading “1935-10-26|Dragon|G-ADEE|Railway Air Services|Bleasdale, Lancashire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Blackburn Skua near High Bentham, Lancashire

12th September 1940
Skua L2969
High Bentham, Lancashire

Pilot Officer Strachan was attached to No.4 Ferry Pilots Pool at RAF Kemble, he was detailed to collect the aircraft from No.10 Maintenance Unit at Hullavington in Wiltshire and deliver … Continue reading “1940-09-12|Skua|L2969|No.4 FPP, ATA|High Bentham, Lancashire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Boulton Paul Defiant N1651 near Marshaw, Forest of Bowland, Lancashire

18th August 1941
Defiant Mk.I N1651
No.256 Sqn, RAF
Hawthornthwaite Fell, Lancashire

Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.I N1651 / JT-Z of No.256 Squadron, RAF, crashed on Hawthornthwaite Fell near Abbeystead in the Forest of Bowland on the 18th August 1941 while on a night training flight from Squires Gate   Norman Jack Sharpe Pilot Officer Pilot Killed  

Crash site of P-38F 41-7669 near Burnley, Lancashire

1st September 1942
P-38F 41-7669
14th FG, USAAF
Cliviger, Lancashire

The pilot was on a non-operational interception training flight from Atcham near Shrewsbury when he was seen flying at low level in the Burnley area. Shortly after the aircraft struck … Continue reading “1942-09-01|P-38F|41-7669|14th FG, USAAF|Cliviger, Lancashire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Mustang AP208 on Holdron Moss, Lancashire

29th November 1942
Mustang Mk.I AP208
No.4 Sqn, RAF
Holdron Moss, Lancashire

North American Mustang Mk.I AP208 of No.4 Squadron RAF flew into Holdron Moss in the Forest of Bowland on the 29th November 1942 whilst on a photographic training flight from Clifton near York   Sohlto Paton Marlatt Flying Officer RCAF Pilot Killed  

Wreckage from P-38 42-12905 at the crash site on Dunsop Fell near Slaidburn, Lancashire

26th January 1943
P-38G 42-12905
78th FG, USAAF
Dunsop Fell, Lancashire

The aircraft was one of a number of aircraft being ferried from Goxhill near Hull to Langford Lodge in Northern Ireland, it collided with a second aircraft, 42-12928 and crashed … Continue reading “1943-01-26|P-38G|42-12905|78th FG, USAAF|Dunsop Fell, Lancashire”

Wreckage at the crash site of P-38G 42-12929 on Baxton Fell near Slaidburn, Lancashire

26th January 1943
P-38G 42-13928
78th FG, USAAF
Baxton Fell, Lancashire

The aircraft was one of a number of aircraft being ferried from Goxhill in North Lincolnshire to Langford Lodge in Northern Ireland, it collided with 42-12905 while over Lancashire and … Continue reading “1943-01-26|P-38G|42-13928|78th FG, USAAF|Baxton Fell, Lancashire”

Crash site of Fairey Albacore Mk.i X9152 at Carr House Green, Lancashire

22nd October 1943
Albacore Mk.I X9152
No.766 Sqn, RN
Carr House Green Common, Lancashire

The crew was on a night training flight from RNAS Inskip between Preston and Blackpool and had taken off from the No.4 runway at approximately 22:30. Shortly after getting airborne … Continue reading “1943-10-22|Albacore Mk.I|X9152|No.766 Sqn, RN|Carr House Green Common, Lancashire”

Crash site of Airspeed Oxford BM837 on Winter Hill, Bolton, Lancashire

24th December 1943
Oxford Mk.I BM837
No.410 Sqn, RCAF
Winter Hill, Lancashire

Flt Lt Cybulski appeared in the famous photograph of Mosquito DZ757, RA-Q, with most of the canvas burnt off the aircraft and no rudder. This occured when he attacked a … Continue reading “1943-12-24|Oxford Mk.I|BM837|No.410 Sqn, RCAF|Winter Hill, Lancashire”

Wreckage at the crash site of P-47D 42-22758 on Pendle Hill, Clitheroe, Lancashire

6th February 1944
P-47D 42-22758
Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 42-22758 being flown by the 310th Ferry Squadron, 27th Air Transport Group, crashed on Pendle Hill near Clitheroe, Lancashire on the 6th February 1944 after becoming lost in cloud whilst attempting to get to Warton with several other aircraft   John R. Runnells Flight Officer Pilot Killed  

Wreckage at the crash site of Avro Anson N4919 on Wolfhole Crag, Tarnbrook, Lancashire

9th February 1944
Anson Mk.I N4919
No.2 (O)AFU, RAF
Wolfhole Crag, Lancashire

Avro Anson Mk.I N4919 of No.2 (Observer) Advanced Flying Unit, crashed on Wolfhole Crag above Tarnbrook in the Forest of Bowland, after becoming iced up in cloud on the 9th February 1944 while on a navigation exercise from Millom in Cumbria   Albert Dobson Flight Sergeant Pilot Injured Peter George Robert Edwards Sergeant 1st Navigator … Continue reading “1944-02-09|Anson Mk.I|N4919|No.2 (O)AFU, RAF|Wolfhole Crag, Lancashire”

Undercarriage from Bristol Blenheim BA246, Bleasdale Fell, Lancashire

9th August 1944
Blenheim Mk.V BA246
No.12 (P)AFU, RAF
Bleasdale Fell, Lancashire

Blenheim Mk.V BA246 of No.12 (Pilot) Advanced Flying Unit flew into Bleasdale Fell in the Forest of Bowland whilst on a training flight from RAF Woodvale near Southport on the 9th August 1944   Donald Llewellyn Edmonds Flight Sergeant Pilot (Pupil) Killed James Cartmell Stones Flight Sergeant Pilot (Pupil) Killed  

Burnt scar at the crash site of B-24J 42-100322 on Burn Fell near Slaidburn, Lancashire

2nd January 1945
B-24J 42-100322
448th BG, USAAF
Burn Fell, Lancashire

The aircraft was being ferried from Seething in Norfolk to BAD2 at Warton near Preston, most of the passengers were a second aircrew who were going to fly another aircraft … Continue reading “1945-01-02|B-24J|42-100322|448th BG, USAAF|Burn Fell, Lancashire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Hawker Hurricane PG472, Whimberry Hill, Smithills, Winter Hill, Bolton, Lancashire

2nd February 1945
Hurricane Mk.IIC PG472
No.11 (P)AFU, RAF
Whimberry Hill, Lancashire

Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC PG472 of No.11 (P)AFU crashed on Whimberry Hill in the Smithills area near Bolton, on the 2nd February 1945   Thomas Stanley Taylor Flight Sergeant Pilot Killed  

The Packard Merlin engine being recovered from the crash site of Mustang KH838 at Wrightington, Lancashire

15th February 1945
Mustang Mk.IV KH838
No.14 FPP, ATA
Wrightington, Lancashire

On the 15th February 1945 23 year old Third Officer Fairman was flying the second leg of a ferry flight of a brand new North American Mustang Mk.IV from Lockheed … Continue reading “1945-02-15|Mustang Mk.IV|KH838|No.14 FPP, ATA|Wrightington, Lancashire”

Crash site of Consolidated B-24 Liberator 42-50668 on Black Hameldon near Burnley, Lancashire

19th February 1945
B-24J 42-50668
491st BG, USAAF
Black Hameldon, Lancashire

A number of the crew and passengers were buried at Cambridge American Cemetery.

Crash site of Mustang Mk.III SR411 on Wives Hill, Darwen Moor

29th July 1945
Mustang Mk.III SR411
No.316 Sqn, RAF
Darwen Moor, Lancashire

On the 28th July 1945 four aircraft from No.316 Squadron had taken off from RAF Coltishall in Norfolk and flown to air stations elsewhere in the country. One of these … Continue reading “1945-07-29|Mustang Mk.III|SR411|No.316 Sqn, RAF|Darwen Moor, Lancashire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Douglas C-54A 45-543 on Stake House Fell, Garstang, Lancashire

7th January 1949
C-54A 45-543
61st TCG, USAF
Stake House Fell, Lancashire

The aircraft was being transferred from Rhein-Main Air Force Base near Frankfurt to RAF Burtonwood near Warrington for scheduled maintenance work. It had taken off at 13:12 and was to … Continue reading “1949-01-07|C-54A|45-543|61st TCG, USAF|Stake House Fell, Lancashire”

Excavating the crash site of Supermarine Attacker F.B. Mk.1 WA535 at Winwick, Warrington

5th February 1953
Attacker F.B. Mk.1 WA535
No.767 Sqn, RN
Winwick, Warrington

During the afternoon of the 5th February 1953 Mr Collingwood took off from Royal Naval Air Station Stretton near Warrington on his third familiarisation flight in a Supermarine Attacker, having … Continue reading “1953-02-05|Attacker F.B. Mk.1|WA535|No.767 Sqn, RN|Winwick, Warrington”

Crash site of Gloster Meteor WH383 and WH384 near Edgworth, Bolton, Lancashire

14th November 1953
Meteor F. Mk.8 WH383 & WH384
No.610 Sqn, RAuxAF
Edgworth, Lancashire

The two jet aircraft, lead by F/Lt Mercer, a resident of Bolton, had taken off from Hooton Park near Ellesmere Port (now mostly covered by the Vauxhall car plant) on … Continue reading “1953-11-14|Meteor F. Mk.8|WH383 & WH384|No.610 Sqn, RAuxAF|Edgworth, Lancashire”

Bristol 170 Freighter / Wayfarer G-AICS

27th February 1958
Bristol Freighter G-AICS
Silver City Airways
Winter Hill, Lancashire

Edward Partington died in Bolton Royal Infirmary shortly after the crash as a result of the injuries he had suffered in the crash.

Crash site of BAC Jet Provost XW371 at High Salter, Lancaster, Lancashire

3rd July 1979
Jet Provost T. Mk.5A XW371
Roeburndale, Lancashire

The pilot was a cross country navigation flight from RAF Church Fenton, near Tadcaster, in Yorkshire. He was flying east from Lancaster across the northern end of the Forest of … Continue reading “1979-07-03|Jet Provost T. Mk.5A|XW371|No.7 FTS, RAF|Roeburndale, Lancashire”