Field in which Supermarine Spitfire P9563 crashed at Hartington, Derbyshire

5th September 1940
Spitfire Mk.I P9563
No.64 Sqn, RAF
Hartington, Derbyshire

The pilot, Flight Sergeant Lloyd was on combat air patrol, from Ringway, his unit was normally stationed at Boscombe Down but there was a detached flight at Ringway for the … Continue reading “1940-09-05|Spitfire Mk.I|P9563|No.64 Sqn, RAF|Hartington, Derbyshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Westland Lysander V9403 at Featherbed Moss, Chew Reservoir, Peak District

18th August 1941
Lysander Mk.IIIA V9403
Slate Pit Moss, Oldham

LAC Chadwick died of his injuries on the 24th August 1941. The aircraft was on an anti-aircraft co-operation exercise from Ringway (Manchester) to Rhyl in North Wales, the aircraft’s gyro-compass … Continue reading “1941-08-18|Lysander Mk.IIIA|V9403|No.6 AACU, RAF|Slate Pit Moss, Oldham”

Westland Lysander at the Royal Air Force Museum

30th May 1942
Lysander Mk.IIIA V9729
Cronkstone, Buxton

The aircraft was being used to provide night anti-aircraft co-operation with ground units at Rhyl and had taken off from Sealand near Chester. While returning from the Rhyl area to … Continue reading “1942-05-30|Lysander Mk.IIIA|V9729|No.6 AACU, RAF|Cronkstone, Buxton”

The Packard Merlin engine being recovered from the crash site of Mustang KH838 at Wrightington, Lancashire

15th February 1945
Mustang Mk.IV KH838
No.14 FPP, ATA
Wrightington, Lancashire

On the 15th February 1945 23 year old Third Officer Fairman was flying the second leg of a ferry flight of a brand new North American Mustang Mk.IV from Lockheed … Continue reading “1945-02-15|Mustang Mk.IV|KH838|No.14 FPP, ATA|Wrightington, Lancashire”

Crash site of Douglas Dakota G-AHCY at Wimberry Stones, Greenfield

19th August 1949
Dakota G-AHCY
British European Airways
Wimberry Stones, Greenfield

The aircraft had been built for the RAF and carried the serial number KG348, it had also been issued with a USAAF serial when it was built, this was 42-92543. … Continue reading “1949-08-19|Dakota|G-AHCY|British European Airways|Wimberry Stones, Greenfield”

Crash site of de Havilland Vampire VV602, Wildboarclough, Macclesfield, Cheshire

1st May 1954
Vampire F.B. Mk.5 VV602
No.613 Sqn, RAuxAF
Wildboarclough, Macclesfield

The aircraft was an English Electric built example of the Vampire F.B. Mk.5 and was equipped with the de Havilland Goblin Mk.2 centrifugal flow turbojet. It had been built at … Continue reading “1954-05-01|Vampire F.B. Mk.5|VV602|No.613 Sqn, RAuxAF|Wildboarclough, Macclesfield”

Excavating the crash site of de Havilland Vampire VV602, Wildboarclough, Macclesfield, Cheshire

1st May 1954
Vampire F.B. Mk.5 VV602
No.613 Sqn, RAuxAF
Wildboarclough, Macclesfield

This page follows on from that describing the loss of the aircraft. Following a visit to the site in September 2007 a licence was applied for to permit the excavation … Continue reading “1954-05-01|Vampire F.B. Mk.5|VV602|No.613 Sqn, RAuxAF|Wildboarclough, Macclesfield”

Crash site of Sabre 19234 on Black Hill, Holmefirth in October 2007

14th December 1954
Sabre 2 19234
No.137 (T) Flt, RCAF
Black Hill, Holmfirth

During the mid-1950s a large number of RCAF Sabres were re-conditioned at Ringway before they were transferred to other NATO air forces. At the time of this crash the larger … Continue reading “1954-12-14|Sabre 2|19234|No.137 (T) Flt, RCAF|Black Hill, Holmfirth”

Bristol 170 Freighter / Wayfarer G-AICS

27th February 1958
Bristol Freighter G-AICS
Silver City Airways
Winter Hill, Lancashire

Edward Partington died in Bolton Royal Infirmary shortly after the crash as a result of the injuries he had suffered in the crash.

Crash site of de Havilland Dragon Rapide G-ALBC on Kinder Scout near Edale, Derbyshire

30th December 1963
Dragon Rapide G-ALBC
Solair Flying Services
Edale Moor, Kinder

de Havilland Dragon Rapide G-ALBC, Crashed near the summit of Kinder Scout on the 30th December 1963 when the aircraft was caught by a down draught while flying from Middle St George (now Teeside airport) to Ringway   Dennis Holmes Captain Pilot Injured John McWhirter Mr Co-pilot Injured  

Crash site of Cessna G-BFRP on Broadlee Bank Tor above Edale

25th October 1983
Cessna 150 G-BFRP
Broadlee Bank Tor, Edale

The aircraft was being used for a night training flight from Manchester Airport with a student pilot and an instructor onboard. Most of the planned flight had been accomplished and … Continue reading “1983-10-25|Cessna 150|G-BFRP|Civil|Broadlee Bank Tor, Edale”